We are winning BIG! The desperate moves by the establishment prove they are terrified of Trump and his supporters.

Tyler S. Farley

As Trump might say, we are winning bigly!

It may not seem like it, but a brief examination of the current situation proves that the establishment is terrified of Trump and his supporters. In fact, I would go so far as to argue that the establishment has never been more afraid of the American people than they are right now.

Today was a historic day. Giant tech companies purged the president from their platforms while allowing the Ayatollah of Iran to remain. Let that sink in for a moment.

Next we have the announcement that impeachment proceedings against Trump will begin on Monday of next week.

So while at first glance that may all sound like bad news for Trump and his supporters, nothing could be further from the truth.

Think about it. If Trump was leaving office in two weeks, why would establishment Democrats be so obsessed with silencing and impeaching him?

It makes no sense. Under normal circumstances an outgoing president is referred to as a “lame duck”. The reason being is because they no longer have any real power.

So why is Trump not considered a “lame duck” as his first term comes to a close and Biden is set to move into the White House? The answer is simple. Trump still holds all the power.

He demonstrated that on Wednesday of last week when he called on his followers to rally in the nation’s capitol. With only a few Tweets, he assembled 500K or more peaceful protesters. Nobody else in government wields that kind of power, and the establishment knows it.

So the establishment feels they must destroy Trump before he leaves office. This is the point of impeachment. When someone is impeached, they cannot hold office again. This is the only reason Democrats are pushing for impeachment.

It also proves that the Democrats know that Trump truly won the 2020 election. If Trump lost the election by tens of millions of votes as they claim, they would not be afraid of him returning in 2024.

But they know he did win, and he added more votes than any incumbent president in history. If he came back in 2024, he would add even more and Democrats know they would not be able to manufacture enough fake votes to counteract his victory.

This is what they fear. They know that Trump is still the most popular and most powerful president of all time. They are also afraid of his supporters who are the most energized and most loyal of all time.

And now their fear has consumed them as they flail wildly with over-the-top attemptsĀ  to silence Trump and his supporters. But the attempts are backfiring, and Trump’s approval rating is actually increasing according to a recent Rasmussen poll taken after the protest.

It’s all a classic story and Trump has known this all along. When the establishment declares someone the villain, eventually they attack that person so much that he starts to become a sympathetic figure, even among those who initially disliked him. The more they attack him, the more powerful he grows until finally he achieves legendary status.

This story has played out countless times throughout history, and we are watching it play out yet again. The establishment will get increasingly desperate in the coming weeks, but it will backfire and only make Trump’s movement stronger.

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