All last year: “American institutions are symbols of racism”. Today: “How dare they desecrate our sacred institutions”.

Tyler S. Farley

It’s all one big fake show.

But you probably already knew that. However, if you’re keeping score you can chalk up the last few days as just another example of how progressives are completely full of it.

For all of 2020 we’ve been told by progressives that America is essentially a symbol of racism. Every institution, from the courts, to the founding fathers, to the stock market, and even math, is a symbol and the result of systemic racism and white privilege.

But these weren’t just fringe beliefs. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have both shared these views publicly as they pandered for votes.

But something strange happened on January 6th.

I suppose it truly was a historic day because whatever did happen managed to turn progressives into the protectors of America’s sacred institutions which were all supposedly symbols of racism just a few weeks ago.

Yes, every symbol of systemic racism suddenly became a symbol of American exceptionalism, and any desecration of those symbols should be met with harsh punishment.

Of course, I’m talking about the protests at the Capitol Building.

If you’ve been watching the mainstream news you would have thought that Jesus himself was born on the steps of the capitol. Suddenly these were hallowed grounds. A sacred place that had somehow just been desecrated to the shock and horror of Americans everywhere. Or at least that was suddenly the narrative.

The media clutched their pearls as if the Vatican had just been hit by a tomahawk missile. Chuck Schumer even dared to compare the event to Pearl Harbor. Just as a reminder, nearly 2500 Americans were killed at Pearl Harbor. So ol’ crying Chuck’s comparison is maybe a teeny bit off.

But it just goes to show you the violent whipsaw motion of the progressives as they perform whatever mental gymnastics are necessary to further their propaganda.

When they’re looking to divide Americans, they claim every American institution is a symbol of racism. When they want to attack conservatives, suddenly they label themselves as the fiercest defenders of those same institutions.

Even worse, progressives have applauded protests at capitol buildings in the past. In 2018 the Woman’s March official Twitter account boasted of taking over and shutting down the whole building.

I don’t seem to remember this ever being a problem and in fact it was promoted.

Of course, I won’t even bother getting into the BLM and Antifa riots last summer that specifically targeted national monuments and federal buildings. All summer long Kamala Harris declared such targeted protests to be necessary and should carry on.

So in the end, it’s just more proof of how transparently fake the progressive movement has become at this point. They shift from position to position, often completely contradicting themselves in the process.

At this point, it’s impossible to know what they truly believe in.

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