With vaccine mandates now being openly discussed by the White House, one thought comes to mind. If they can force you to take an injection you don’t want, there really isn’t much left they can’t force you to do.

Tyler S. Farley

Surprise, we have yet another thing that has gone from being a “far-right conspiracy theory” to being a fact now openly discussed in the media.

Of course, I’m talking about vaccine mandates. From the very beginning of the pandemic, those with a little bit of wisdom and foresight could see that it wouldn’t take long for mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports to eventually become a reality.

Of course, at the time those things were dismissed as conspiracy theories. But this past week we have seen the Biden administration openly discussing the idea of mandatory vaccines for all federal workers.

Then just today, the head of the AFL-CIO workers union came out and publicly supported vaccine mandates for workers.

So as you can see, vaccine mandates are now openly being discussed, with some insiders saying the Biden administration could come to a decision as early as today regarding federal workers.

But all of this brings up a frightening and sobering proposition. That is, if the government can force you to take a vaccine you don’t want, is there really anything left they can’t force you to do?

Once the government starts forcing people to be injected with substances those people otherwise wouldn’t want in their bodies, you have crossed a very dangerous line.

In fact, you don’t just cross a line with forced injections, you leap over that line and leave almost no other forced activity off-limits.

Think about it. One of the last things you can control and have freedom over is what goes inside of your body. Forced procedures, implants, and injections have usually been the fodder of dystopian sci-fi novels and films. Yet here we are, openly discussing such a thing.

But the saddest part is how much public support these ideas have. Although the number is clearly overplayed in the media, there is still a portion of the public that has been swayed by the non-stop fear campaign and now want to give up their freedoms in the hopes the government can ease their anxiety.

However, like most knee-jerk coping mechanisms, giving up your freedoms in the hopes of easing your fear and anxiety doesn’t work. It never has in the past, and it won’t start now.

Throughout history, many brilliant men whose ideas have stood the test of time have written about the way that giving up freedoms for safety never ends well for those relinquishing their liberties. Instead of receiving safety, they instead are pushed further into bondage, creating a viscous cycle until no freedoms are left.

So as this debate grows in the media, in America, and most likely around the world, make sure to keep this in mind. If you allow the government to inject you with something you don’t want, that’s a line in the sand you’ll never be able to walk back over.