After promising free test kits just a week ago, Biden now tells Americans to use Google and find their own tests.

Tyler S. Farley

Even for a politician, this must be a record for breaking a promise made to the American people in such a short period of time.

If you remember last week, Joe Biden appeared on TV from his fake digital movie set and told Americans he had a plan for Omicron. He was going to send out hundreds of millions of free test kits to any American starting in early January.

Well, it’s early January and the White House has now said they haven’t actually acquired the test kits yet. Nor have they set up a website so Americans can actually order the test kits, which aren’t available anyway.

So today, Joe Biden appeared yet again from his fake digital movie set. complete with superimposed snow falling in the fake windows and told Americans to just go find test kits for themselves.

In a stumbling and stammering delivery, Biden told Americans to type “covid test near me on Google” instead of waiting for the tests he promised.

It’s just another blow to Biden’s credibility on an issue he ran on for all of 2020, which was defeating covid.

If you remember, before going on Christmas break Biden called America’s governors for a virtual meeting and told them there is no federal solution to covid, and the states need to figure it all out themselves.

Now, after returning from his holiday vacation, he once again skirts responsibility by going back on his testing kit promise and simply tells Americans to go find one on their own.


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