Leaked ATF e-mail shows agents are preparing to seize property from gun stores and distributors starting today.

Tyler S. Farley

The group Gun Owners of America exclusively came into possession of a leaked email from the ATF to their field agents.

The email gives agents instructions and permission to start seizing property it now deems illegal.

The targets are so-called “forced reset triggers” which have become popular add-ons for AR-15 style rifles.

For those who don’t know, a legal, semi-auto gun like an AR-15 has a trigger that must “reset” before it can be pulled again to fire another round. However, a forced reset trigger will force the trigger to reset if only light pressure is held on the trigger, thus allowing the second shot to be fired much faster.

The ATF has argued this constitutes a full-auto or machine gun. However, the definition of a legal semi-auto states that one trigger pull must only cause one bullet to fire, and all subsequent rounds require an additional trigger pull. So by this definition, the forced reset trigger is fully legal. It still requires the user to physically pull the trigger for each round.

A company called Rare Breed originally made the first forced reset trigger, and they have fought in court to not only keep their product legal, but avoid possible jail time or criminal penalties.

But now the ATF has had enough. Despite the forced reset triggers clearly falling under the ATF’s own legal definition of a legal semi-auto trigger, they are preparing to seize these triggers from sellers, manufactures, and wholesalers.

It’s very possible this is the start of how gun confiscation can work in America. The ATF has broad authority and can sidestep the legislation process. Not only that, as we see here, they can disregard their own rules and simply declare something illegal even though according to their own definitions, the product is legal.

You can watch the Gun Owners of America video on the topic below.


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