All the flip-flopping and phony “fact-checking” is just to create chaos. The establishment doesn’t care what you actually believe or if you know the truth.

Tyler S. Farley

One thing I think people get wrong about the current climate of censorship and fake news is thinking that the goal is to trick people or somehow “convert” people to believe the narrative that the establishment wants.

But that isn’t really the goal, and in fact, the establishment doesn’t even care what you believe. They just need there to be enough chaos and confusion that nobody can mount a solid, logical defense to all of it. That way, they can do whatever they want and never really have to answer or explain any of it.

The thing is, about 30% of any population will always believe what the government or those in authority say, without question. This is true in almost any modern country. The number is between 20-30%, in developed countries, it’s a bit closer to 30%.

But these people will always believe what they are told, so they are not really the target of propaganda, although it may seem that way.

So then it comes down to keeping the majority of the people left in a constant state of confusion or chaos so that they really never know what to think. This is where modern propaganda comes into play. It’s simply to cause confusion and chaos so casual observers can never come to a consensus.

This is why flip-flopping has become a tool of propaganda, as it serves this purpose to create confusion.

The mask debate which raged for over a year is a perfect example. Experts and scientists all know and have known for decades that cloth masks don’t stop viruses from passing through. But the CDC and other health officials around the world suddenly claimed they did.

Of course, as we all know they flip-flopped several times on this issue. Dr. Fauci, the most famous of these flip-floppers has actually gone back and forth 3 separate times on masks.

The flip-flopping is how it starts. Then the next part of the propaganda is to bring in the fact-checkers which are all employed by the propagandists anyway.

With the flip-flopping, they can then come in and add even more confusion. By either citing the original flip-flop, or making a phony excuse for the original flip-flop, they make it hard for the casual observer to nail down the real story.

That’s the point of these bought-and-paid-for fact checkers. It’s not to actually convince anyone of anything. It’s just to add more confusion to every single topic that matters to people.

All of this creates an atmosphere where nobody can form a cohesive argument against any of these policies because they are in fact nebulous ideas, constantly shifting and flip-flopping. Each iteration of the flip-flop having its own wave of fact-checkers adding yet another layer of confusion.

This allows those in power to keep moving forward with their plans almost completely unobstructed as people bicker over tiny details that have shifted back and forth several times.

Chaos is the name of the game with modern propaganda. If you pay attention, you’ll start to see the patterns and realize that the establishment doesn’t really care if you believe them or not. As long as everyone is arguing about it, they win.


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