The framing of every covid mandate as a way to “protect others, not yourself” was just a backdoor method to demonize anybody who opposed or questioned them.

Tyler S. Farley

Like a lot of things with covid and the pandemic, we are realizing most everything we were told was based on lies meant to cause some sort of psychological response and compliance.

The latest is the fact that everyone is now waking up to the fact that vaccines and masks were never really about protecting “other people” and they were just framed that way to shame people into complying.

By telling people you need to wear a mask to protect others suddenly puts that person in the position of moral superiority, and therefore anyone who disagrees is by default immoral.

We outlined that exact trick on this site years ago and showed how it is used mostly by progressives to win debates with emotion instead of facts.

But now we see the same with vaccines, and that’s been the biggest eye-opener for people who fell for this obvious psychological trick.

As you remember, vaccines were first launched with the promise that they prevent infection. That was a lie, but the lie was held up for several months as officials fudged the numbers to try to make it look like it was true.

But soon people realized that plenty of fully vaccinated people were still catching covid. So they changed the narrative to say that vaccines in general only prevent severe illness, not infection. Not only that, many websites literally changed their own definition of the word “vaccine” to match this new narrative.

But when that started to fail and fully vaccinated people were also being hospitalized, they pulled out the old mask-narrative trick and said the vaccine is mostly to protect others, that’s why you should get it.

Of course, in the end that was deemed a lie as well, but not before the damage was done.

People lost jobs, lost friends, and were banned from family gatherings and holidays just because they disagreed on vaccines. And due to this evil trick that officials used to try to pit the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, they created a rift that for some people may never be fully healed.

I’m sure you’ve seen the stories of people who had to quit their jobs or students who had to drop out of college, all over their decision to not get vaccinated. It should never have come to that, but because of the lies and trickery by health officials, the unvaccinated were demonized and nobody cared that they had to give up their dreams or lose friends.

It truly is one of the most dishonest and disgusting propaganda campaigns in American history. Those in charge intentionally lied about a serious public health emergency, then compounded that lie by intentionally pitting people against each other to create compliance with their ill-conceived mandates.

Thankfully, people are waking up to what happened though. And hopefully, people can start to heal the rift that was caused by our health officials and their obsession with propaganda messaging instead of sound public health policies.


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