The real endgame is not vaccines, it’s mandatory biometric passports. This is what will be pushed to fight the Delta “variant” this fall. The choice will either be passports or more lockdowns.

Tyler S. Farley

I know many people are hung up on the idea of mandatory vaccines, but that is somewhat of a misdirection by the establishment. What they truly want is a mandatory biometric passport, the vaccines are just a means to an end.

A biometric passport is the obvious and most logical next step in the never-ending data mining quest that the most powerful companies on Earth are engaged in.

It’s no secret that the big money and power these days is in data collection. We’ve all read the stories and reports of how the biggest and most powerful companies on Earth are solely focused on collecting data. Everything else they do is simply a means to that end. For example, Google created Google Maps and offered it for free simply so they could track everyone’s movements.

The next frontier in that race is biometric data. But such data is harder to come by due to certain legal and pesky privacy restrictions. However, a mandatory biometric passport during a state of emergency easily bypasses all those hurdles, the same way the current vaccine makers sidestepped all liability for their vaccine should anything go wrong by getting special “emergency” exemption.

This will all start this fall as the so-called Delta variant will be pushed as the new deadly threat. They’ll create a surge in cases using rigged PCR tests, which has already been proven, then they’ll offer you a simple deal. Either accept the new passports or endure more lockdowns, but this time with no monetary assistance from the government.

Considering what we’ve seen in the last year, silly Americans and others around the world will jump at the chance to adopt these new biometric passports. Millions will idiotically post them in their Twitter and Facebook profiles to show what good little boys and girls they are at following instructions.

All you have to do is look at who is currently building and even deploying these biometric passports. Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Apple are all working on these. These are billion dollar projects, so why are these companies working on them when they plan on offering them for free? The answer is simple and it’s because your biometric data will be the price you pay.

Microsoft is already deploying their early prototypes, and using it to take advantage of school children. Many schools are forcing kids to use the Microsoft Daily Pass app to monitor their own symptoms. This is an entry level biometric tool, that will follow these kids for the rest of their lives as they move from device to device, without them even knowing.

So this isn’t a conspiracy or speculation, the technology is already being built, and billions are being spent on it. It will be deployed, and it will be deployed this year.

The question is, will Americans accept them or will they finally start to push back against the charade.