Kamala Harris proving to be just as unlikable as Hillary.

Tyler S. Farley

Once again it’s starting to look like the Democratic party hasn’t learned a thing from their loss in the 2016 Presidential election.

One huge problem they had in 2016 was that the DNC and Hillary conspired to make sure that she was the nominee despite being a highly unlikable candidate by almost any measure, including polling.

I’ve always said that from a strictly political point of view, Bernie Sanders was probably a better match up for Trump in 2016 if the Democrats wanted to win. However, the DNC and Hillary undermined his campaign and instead Hillary was dealt another loss.

But it looks as though history is repeating itself for 2020 as the Democratic machine is pushing another unlikable candidate in Kamala Harris as their anointed and preferred candidate.

Kamala Harris is the only Democratic candidate not to have a hit piece run against her in the left-leaning mainstream media. Bernie Sanders, Biden, and Klobacher have all had hit pieces run against them. From sexual misconduct allegations against Bernie’s 2016 campaign to accusations that Klobacher berated co-workers, the press has overtly telegraphed who they want as the 2020 nominee and that person is Kamala Harris.

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But the problem here is one very much like in 2016. Kamala Harris is not a likeable candidate and it has already been on display during her short campaign.

Not only that, her mannerisms are even similar to Hillary Clinton’s, and these mannerisms were not an asset during Hillary’s political career as most voters found them robotic and cold.

One example is the bizarre and nervous laughing that seems common with both Hillary and Kamala. Below is a video where Harris talks with the hosts of the radio show The Breakfast Club where she lies about various aspects of her young life, such as listening to Snoop Dogg while in college despite Snoop’s career not yet being underway at that time.

But more importantly, listen to the bizarre and nervous laughing that sounds eerily similar to Clinton’s. Also of note, she does this laughing when lying, just as Clinton often did. Nobody in the room is laughing nearly as much as Harris is.

Compare that to Hillary’s similar inappropriate and over the top nervous laughter.

Next is Kamala’s past stance on criminal justice that is also similar to Clinton’s which posed a problem for her during the 2016 campaign.

Clinton is well known for referring to young black men as “predators” when she was championing tougher laws during the 1990s.

Kamala Harris has similar issues. Harris has boasted about putting people in jail for weed despite smoking it herself. Not only that, she has boasted about prosecuting parents for the truancy of their children as you can see in the video below. (Also, notice the bizarre, excessive laughing again.)

So as we approach 2020, it looks like Democrats are destined to repeat the errors of their past. Kamala Harris is almost identical to Hillary in every way. From her early anointed status by elites in the party and even in her mannerisms and bizarre inappropriate laughter. Even her flip-flops on policy are similar as we can see from the videos above.

All of this bodes well for Trump approaching 2020. If the Democrats once again can’t put forward a likeable candidate, Trump should once again be able to win convincingly.

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