Another conspiracy comes true. New UK law will mandate electric car chargers be connected to the internet so they can be shut off or monitored remotely.

Tyler S. Farley

That didn’t really take long at all.

If you’ve been suspicious about the push for all-electric vehicles, your suspicions have been confirmed.

Many people realized rather quickly that the real reason for all-electric cars wasn’t because of environmental concerns. But instead, it was an excuse for more centralized control over people’s lives and their ability to travel.

It all starts with a new law looking to take effect next year in the UK. The new law states that home electric car chargers will have to be connected to the internet. The reason is so they can be monitored and remotely shut off by the government to conserve energy when needed.

The current proposal calls for home chargers to be shut off during peak hours. Authorities will also be able to impose a “randomized delay” of 30 minutes on individual chargers in certain areas to prevent grid spikes at other times.

As you should clearly be able to see without much explanation, this isn’t about the environment at all. The government wants the power to basically shut people down whenever they want. Similar to the lockdowns during the pandemic, but this time they will quite literally shut off your vehicle so you have no choice but to stay home.

What makes this move so obvious is that electric cars are still just a small portion of the car market, yet already governments are creating laws to have total control over them.

But it won’t stop with just the government monitoring the car chargers. They will very soon move to monitoring the cars as well.

Once again, they will claim their monitoring is to benefit the environment, but the real reason will be the complete tracking and control over individuals and their ability to travel.

All electric cars will be required to have software installed that communicates with the chargers, which are already becoming government controlled as explained earlier. This will allow the government to not only shut down chargers, but block specific cars from charging. The same way cell phone companies can block certain phones from connecting to the network, the government will be able to block certain cars from ever charging, making them useless.

Soon, such blocks on charging will be implemented for all sorts of minor violations. Don’t pay a fine, your car is blocked. Attend an unapproved protest, your car is blocked. Make a post on social media that’s not approved, your car is blocked.

That may seem like a stretch, but only to those who still trust what they are told by their duplicitous leaders. None of these people in charge care about the environment. Instead, they care about controlling every aspect of your day-to-day life.