An explanation for why educated, professional people can easily be tricked by media propaganda.

Tyler S. Farley

If there’s one thing you’ve probably noticed over the past two years it’s the shocking ease with which a certain group of people within the population just fell in lock-step with the media’s narrative.

Despite that messaging often making no sense at all, so much so that even simple memes exposed the logical flaws, certain people just fell in line with the messaging. Not only that, these people evangelized the fake messaging as if it were their new religion.

What’s even stranger, is these people are often not “stupid”, although we sometimes mock them as such. Many are educated, in fact most are college educated, and many are professionals.

So how did the well educated professional managerial class (or PMC) get so easily tricked during this pandemic?

Well, the answer is actually very simple and it all comes down to their relationship with authority and how it shaped their view of the world.

In most modern western countries and specifically America, if you come from a standard, well adjusted home, you can achieve a decent level of success simply by following the instructions of various authority figures you meet along the way.

For example, let’s say you listen to all your teachers in elementary school, all of your school counselors, then do the same in high school through college. When you get your first job out of college, you continue to listen to and obey those in authority above you. By doing this consistently over time you will achieve pretty decent personal success, at least by most metrics.

By obeying authority figures, you actually live a pretty easy life that always seems to be on the right track. And there is nothing wrong with that at all. I’m not bashing the notion of listening to authority figures throughout your life.

However, that strategy starts to backfire when those authority figures are no longer interested in your best interests. When things start going bad and the people in charge are longer interested in seeing you do well, suddenly following their orders becomes the very wrong thing to do.

This is where we stand today. While for decades, following authority figures and their instructions has been a pretty good recipe for personal success, it starts to break down when those people in charge are no longer acting in good faith.

Following orders is good when the cause is right, but when the cause becomes wrong, following orders only fuels that wrong.

However, this fact is hard to believe for someone who spent their life obeying authority figures. They can’t simply abandon the thought process and system that got them everything they own and are proud of. Their education, their degree, their house, their car. All of it came from obeying people in charge.

So now, when you ask them to disregard authority figures like Dr. Fauci or other doctors and “scientists” on TV, it’s impossible for them to do. They believe you’re the problem for disobeying authority, and if you just fell in line, your life would get better and the problem would go away.

Now I do want to be clear, I’m not smearing people who listened to their teachers and listened to their professors, that’s a totally valid and successful strategy for achieving the things you want.

However, when things start to go bad, that strategy no longer works or yields positive results. When things go bad, it’s the people who question authority and are skeptical who usually see the light first.


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