Knowingly or unknowingly, did the Rogan/Malone interview signal the start of the vaccine rug-pull?

Tyler S. Farley

Like it or not, Joe Rogan is without a doubt one of the most powerful forces in modern media. With tens of millions of loyal listeners to his podcast and tens of millions more casual listeners, no other outlet has the audience he does.

In fact, one single clip from a Joe Rogan podcast on YouTube often has more viewers than the cable news channels combined. That’s really saying something.

So when Dr. Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology used in the covid-19 vaccines appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast after being banned by Twitter, it’s a pretty big deal.

What Dr. Malone said is sure to cause a stir for days and weeks to come, all at the disgust of the mainstream news. You can watch the entire podcast for free on Spotify, but essentially everything Dr. Malone spoke about perfectly lined up with what so-called “conspiracy theorists” have been saying for two years.

I’m not going to go into the details of what Dr. Malone said as I think it’s best if you listen to the podcast yourself. However, it was clear that virtually everything he said is the opposite of what the mainstream narrative has been from both the media and health officials.

But what does this all mean? Is it all just a little blip along the covid timeline that will soon be forgotten? Or is this some sort of turning point? A point when the conspiracy theories surrounding covid and the vaccine suddenly go mainstream.

Just last week we wrote about the vaccine rug-pull theory. A theory that suggests covid and even the vaccine will all be used as part of the Great Reset to destabilize, tear-down, and then rebuild world governments.

The next step in this will be the “rug-pull” over the vaccines where the narrative suddenly shifts. Officials and the media suddenly start to admit the vaccine didn’t work, and even admit it may be harmful. The whole point is to cause mass confusion and anger towards the entire system of government, opening the door for a new Great Reset.

At first this may all seem crazy, but as time goes on, more and more things are lining up. Not to mention, many governments are even using the phrase “Build Back Better” which was coined by the architects of the Great Reset.

So is Dr. Malone’s interview the start of the shift? It may very well be, simply because it’s the largest rebuke of current vaccine policy and on the largest media platform. The impact will no doubt be huge.

But were Joe Rogan and Dr. Malone unwilling participants in all of this, or did things just work out how they did due to chance?

There’s no doubt Malone would eventually be banned from social media, as is every high profile figure who speaks out against the current vaccine policies. After that, him appearing on Joe Rogan was almost a foregone conclusion.

So it seems like this would have all happened no matter what. However, it does all seem to fall perfectly into the vaccine rug-pull narrative shift and the Great Reset.

If nothing else, expect things to get much more chaotic in the coming months.


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