The vaccine rug-pull theory.

Tyler S. Farley

There’s an interesting theory floating around out there regarding the vaccine and mandates and how it all relates to a very long-term strategy to essentially cause worldwide chaos.

This is highly speculative, so consider all of this more of a thought experiment more than anything. It’s not my theory by any means and plenty of people have brought it up before, but as time goes by events do start to line up with this theory possibly being true, at least to some degree.

The vaccine rug-pull theory can essentially be summed up like this. After a certain period of pushing vaccines and boosters non-stop, there will come a point when the media and even officials completely reverse course and declare the vaccines are now a problem. They will say they don’t work, and they may even admit they are unsafe and millions now have to get regular check-ups to monitor possible health problems.

Now at this point you might be asking yourself, what would be the point of this? Why would they suddenly change course and say they were wrong.

The reason is part of the “Great Reset” mindset in that everything must be torn down and rebuilt. So in this case, such a worldwide reversal would cause an overwhelming majority of the population to suddenly distrust almost all aspects of government and media. Those who opposed the vaccine and mandates will claim they were right and the government scammed us. And those who believed in all the vaccine hype will join them and declare they’ve been scammed as well.

The population for the most point will join forces in their distrust of the “system” in the general.

What this will do is open the door for radical new systems of governance that would otherwise be outright opposed by almost everybody.

When the current world governments are seen as completely untrustworthy and incompetent beyond imagination, people will be open to wild ideas, even authoritarian ideas despite having just been duped by their government.

Ironically, one would think that after such a rug-pull event, that people would push back against authoritarian control. But often times throughout history, the opposite happens. During scary and unpredictable times, people often gravitate towards strong, authoritarian leadership to provide some sort of direction within the chaos.

This is exactly what the rug-pull theory is based on. That during this social upheaval, enough people will be open to authoritarian rule that at first will seem helpful, but then will slowly morph into what we all know authoritarian rule ultimately becomes. But once people realize it, it will be too late.

It’s not even that far fetched of a theory as we’ve seen a version of this take place during the pandemic itself. People were frightened and embraced many authoritarian measures that would have been considered outlandish just months prior. Things like forced lockdowns, forced quarantines, vaccine passports, and more.

So while on the surface this vaccine rug-pull theory may seem far fetched, it actually starts to make sense when examined a bit more closely.

The scary thing is we may very well be approaching the reversal point where the rug is pulled. Obviously, endless boosters can only go on for so long before people either wise up or simply grow tired of the whole process. Perhaps a new vaccine “formulation” can be pushed as one last gasp of the pro-vaccine movement. But soon after either of those two things, it’s very possible we may start to see the rug-pull reversal talk start to seep its way into the mainstream media.

If it does, you’ll know you’re on the edge of a very dark moment in modern history.


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