President Biden is now handling virtually all official business from his fake movie set. It’s clear his staff will not allow him in the White House for some reason.

Tyler S. Farley

When Joe Biden first appeared on his fake movie set built near the White House, we were all told it was no big deal.

Those who brought up how strange it looked were told other presidents had used purpose-built sets in the past. And while that is true, those other presidents used sets for one-time events or a specific occasion, then never used them again.

However, with Joe Biden he now appears to be using them for all of his official business, including press conferences, national addresses, and virtual meetings.

On Monday, Joe Biden held his Covid-19 meeting with America’s governors. Once again, he is seen sitting at a small Ikea-style desk inside the fake movie set, while the governors are displayed on a large screen.

Once again, some people may dismiss this, but it has been going on for months.

Some others may also dismiss this by saying he uses the set for his virtual meetings, as it’s more set up for that sort of thing. But the problem there is that he uses this even for press briefings and when doing solo addresses to the nation. So he’s using it for everything.

At this point it has to be discussed that it’s very likely Joe Biden is not being allowed in the White House by his staff.

The reason is quite obvious if you have watched Joe speak without a teleprompter. Almost instantly it becomes obvious that he’s not all there, and within a few sentences, he’s not making any sense and drifting off.

We’ve seen this in his interviews that have to be edited by friendly news networks who then refuse to release the full interview footage.

At a CNN town hall this summer, Biden often looked confused and rambled on when answering basic questions, often mixing topics and talking points. And that was with all scripted questions.

The White House is actually a very busy place, one where a president can often run into any number of different people, from military staff, to lobbyists, to Congressman and Senators. It’s very likely Biden is being held away from White House to avoid any contact with people where his diminished state would quickly become obvious at almost every encounter.

So it seems that Biden is so diminished that they need to keep in the tightly controlled setting of a fake set instead of the actual White House, where apparently his staff feels they would not be able to fully control and monitor him.

For now, that’s the most likely explanation for this completely unprecedented and bizarre use of a movie set by a sitting president for virtually all of their official business.


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