By Dr. Fauci’s own admission, he took it upon himself to decide who lives and who dies by lying about masks. So what’s his punishment? Celebrity status.

Tyler S. Farley

When Dr. Fauci isn’t doing photoshoots for In Style magazine or throwing out the first pitch at MLB games, he also moonlights as the doctor in charge of America’s coronavirus task force.

As the media continues to fawn over Fauci and treat him as a celebrity, one has to wonder why someone who has admitted to lying to the public during the worst public health crisis in recent history isn’t held to a higher standard.

As has been widely documented, Dr. Fauci told Americans that wearing a mask was not worth the effort, and not effective at all at slowing down the spread of the coronavirus. Below you can watch his impassioned plea for Americans to not wear masks.

But a few months later, he changed his tune. Not only did he change his tune on masks in general, he said it doesn’t even matter what the masks are made of. Just put any old piece of cloth over your face and it will help to end the pandemic.

Of course, this about-face didn’t go unnoticed and when pressured as to why he changed his tune, Dr. Fauci simply stated he lied. He lied so that Americans wouldn’t hoard masks so that more masks would be available to health care workers.

The media immediately gave Dr. Fauci a free pass on his lie. But the problem is, this wasn’t just a simple lie or twisting of facts. Dr. Fauci’s decision to lie was a choice he made to take it upon himself to decide who lives and who dies.

As an infectious disease expert, he clearly must have known when he made his initial statement that it would cause tens of thousands of people to not wear masks. He also must have known that some percentage of those would die after contracting the virus. So Dr. Fauci took it upon himself to play god and choose who lives and who dies. He decided this on his own, by offering false advice to the public so that health care workers could protect themselves, and regular citizens became expendable.

Whether you agree with the logic or not, no unelected government bureaucrat should ever be allowed to make such a decision on his own. Not only that, if that person admits to such a decision, they should immediately be fired, and possibly prosecuted.

But as we all know, none of that has happened. Instead, Dr. Fauci is treated as a superhero in the media. Democrats heap praise on Dr. Fauci for fighting the virus, while at the same time taking jabs at President Trump.

But now his celebrity status has been elevated even further. A recent interview and photoshoot with In Style magazine has Dr. Fauci looking more like a Hollywood elitist than the dedicated scientist tucked away in his laboratory which is the image he likes portray to the public.

Then today, Dr. Fauci was invited to throw out the first pitch at the restarting of the MLB season between the Washington Nationals and the New York Yankees.

It makes you wonder what’s next for Dr. Fauci? Maybe Dancing With The Stars?

All of this is just another example of our ethically bankrupt and totally fake news media. As long as you take jabs at President Trump, you are heralded as a hero, no matter what other acts you may have committed. Even in this case, where by Dr. Fauci’s own admission he lied and caused thousands of Americans to die needlessly, it’s a sin forgiven by the media as long as you toe the line against Trump.


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