You can already see the slippery slope. Anyone who questions government policy is now labeled an “insurrectionist”.

Tyler S. Farley

That definitely didn’t take long at all. In fact, it was about a year.

When people showed up in Washington D.C. to peacefully protest on January 6th, there was a plan in place by the FBI. Several undercover agents now identified in court documents were on-site and tasked with agitating protestors. Not only that, several cut down fences to allow a perfect path towards the Capitol Building. Once there, police were ordered to let them in.

Of course, you know the rest. Everyone there was labeled an “insurrectionist” by the establishment media as well as congress. We’ve gone into detail on this site about how those people arrested have been treated totally unfairly.

But the point of this article is to show that has now become the norm.. And we are seeing it with the Canadian trucker protests.

Over the weekend, Ottawa city Councilwoman Diane Deans called the trucker protest a “nationwide insurrection”. She also claimed the ongoing protest was an act of “terrorism”.

We all know she’s using the establishment talking points created here in America. Labeling anyone who questions any government action as an insurrectionist.

It’s laughable as a claim. Nobody on January 6th was looking to seize power of the U.S government and military. And nobody in Ottawa is trying to do the same. However, calling people peacefully protesting “insurrectionists” is very dangerous.

This starts the trend of essentially weaponizing the government against protestors. If peaceful protests are labeled as an insurrection, then all protesting the government does not like suddenly becomes a very serious crime.

Back here in America, they’ve gone a step further and charged some who protested on January 6th with sedition. A ridiculous charge that virtually all legal experts say is unprovable in this case. Not only that, it’s very uncommon to even use the charge in the first place.

But the goal is simple. It’s to make protesting any government policy one of the most serious crimes against the state. By doing so, the chilling effect will be obvious. People will simply not protest under the fear that even if they just show up, facial recognition will identify them and the FBI will come knocking. Such tactics were already used after the January 6th protest, so this is no theory or prediction. It’s already how things are done.

So this is just another reason why the Canadian trucker protest is much larger of an event than what it seems. It’s showing us exactly how first world countries can quickly fall back to using third-world, dictator tactics.

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