Despite his crazy policy ideas, Bernie sanders won’t allow himself to be a puppet. And that’s why the Democratic establishment will never let him win.

Tyler S. Farley

I wrote about this months ago and now it seems to be coming true.

Despite being enormously popular among Democrats, Bernie Sanders has no chance of winning, and it’s all because the DNC doesn’t want him to be President.

The truth is, Sanders is the most popular Democratic candidate by far, just like he was in 2016. In fact, back then he was enormously more popular than Clinton. Sanders could pack outdoor rallies and speeches with his fans and followers while Clinton struggled to fill high school gymnasiums. The difference in enthusiasm between the two different voter groups couldn’t be more obvious.

But the DNC had other plans, and in the now famous emails released by Wikileaks, we saw they wanted Clinton to be the nominee, not Sanders. And due to the extreme corruption within the DNC, if you aren’t their chosen candidate you have no chance of winning no matter how many people you can pack into a stadium.

So now here we are going into 2020 and history is repeating itself. Even Trump has come out and Tweeted that Sanders is doomed.

So why does the DNC hate Bernie so much? The reason is because he’s his own man. Despite the fact that I don’t agree with his policies, I do believe that he wouldn’t allow himself to be a puppet of the DNC once elected President. He’s 77 years old, and he’s reached that “F-You” age and point in his career. Once he becomes President he will have no need to kowtow to the Democratic establishment, which means he can’t be controlled. And this is what the DNC cannot tolerate. A Democrat in office that doesn’t take orders.

So of course, Sander’s campaign needs to be sabotaged at every turn and that’s what we will end up seeing. From fundraising issues to strange vote counts in the primaries just like in 2016, Sanders will be systematically dismantled and forced to lose, paving the way for the establishment candidate of choice of the corrupt DNC. A candidate they can fully control from behind the scenes.

This should be a shocking revelation to rank and file Democrats but they fail to see it. They want an anti-establishment candidate, but their own DNC has no interest in listening to them. The DNC didn’t care what voters wanted in 2016, and they don’t care in 2020 either.

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