Evidence suggests Epstein was only arrested so that he could be murdered in prison while awaiting trial. He had immunity to most everything in the new indictment.

Tyler S. Farley

With the Epstein “suicide” starting to look more and more like a murder, it makes sense to look at what led to him being in jail in the first place, and whether or not it was all done to make it easier to murder him.

For one thing, Epstein’s criminal activities were not suddenly discovered, they were known for well over a decade by law enforcement agencies around the world. Then finally in 2006 formal charges started to be brought against Epstein. First it was only a charge of solicitation of a minor, but the case was referred to the FBI and a grand jury ended up indicting Epstein on various charges relating to solicitation of minors. Then came the now infamous 2008 plea agreement on those charges, which gave Epstein immunity from being charged with the crimes and evidence in the original indictment, all while having him serve a light sentence.

Fast forward to 2019, and a new indictment is unsealed and Epstein is arrested. However, this new indictment is mostly recycled charges and evidence from the 2002-2008 incitement, which Epstein has immunity for. So if Epstein ever made it to trial, he would very likely have been able to beat or even have dismissed, many of these charges based on his sweetheart deal in 2008 which gave him immunity.

So this brings us to the main point here. The arrest of Epstein made no sense legally. There were no new charges or new evidence, it was all just the same case from 2008. So the only other reason to arrest Epstein was simply to get him held in a jail for trial. Once in jail, he could easily be murdered (as we saw) due to the corrupt nature of the federal prison system.

Another piece of evidence that supports this theory is how quickly he was murdered. He was only in jail for a few weeks before the first attempt was made. A strange story indeed as he was sharing a cell with another inmate, which is not normal procedure for such a valuable and easy target such as Epstein. Normally, a suspect like Epstein would immediately be put in a cell alone, not just after an attack.

Then just a week after that attack, when he was suppose to be on suicide watch, he somehow managed to hang himself while all the guards happened to be off duty and while the video camera just happened to be malfunctioning. Not only that, his lawyers that requested him be taken off suicide watch have now retained criminal defense lawyers.

All of this evidence suggests that things played out exactly as they were meant to play out. Epstein was arrested and held in jail before trial only so he could be murdered. The way things played out make it almost impossible to imagine there was any other motive to arrest him.

There was no chance Epstein wouldn’t have been mostly successful at trial. And if he was, it would have been a huge embarrassment and a public outrage. So there was no way this was ever meant to go to trial, as the chances for success were so low and the chances for embarrassment were so high.

Next, we have all the issues with the actual “suicide” and the complete breakdown of protocols at the prison. All these things cannot be explained away as simply a series of unfortunate coincidences.

It’s becoming more and more likely that Epstein was only arrested so he could be easily murdered in jail. If you are interested in why I think this is part of an even larger plan, please read my article from yesterday where I lay out the reasons why this may very well be pinned on an innocent party.

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