Fear propaganda has worked. New poll shows young Democrats way more afraid of covid than old Democrats.

Tyler S. Farley

We use the term fear mongering a lot around here to describe the events surrounding covid. It’s an apt term, but sometimes it may not even be enough as new polling shows how it has turned normally fearless young people into worry warts.

New polling by Kaiser shows that young Democrats are much more afraid of covid than even Democrats over the age of 65. As noted by pro-vaxx New York Times writer David Leondhart, this is the complete opposite of reality.

This illustrates two very important points and I think both are very dangerous developments.

The first is that young people are incredibly susceptible to propaganda via social media. The polling here shows that.

Despite human nature being such that young people are often rebellious, the advent of social media and it’s takeover by the establishment has completely reversed that.

Now kids are suddenly slaves to the establishment messaging. They parrot and repeat whatever the establishment forces to trend on social media.

That explains why those who are older have a much more normal level of fear according to the poll. They grew up before social media and they likely don’t use it nearly as much as young people, if at all. So their point of view is much more in line with reality regarding covid.

The sad part of this is that many of these people who were gripped with irrational fear over covid will never overcome it. I’m sure you see it everyday as you go about your life. People wearing double masks while alone in their car or while walking their dog alone. These people now have what can only be diagnosed as severe germaphobia. That is never going to go away unless they seek professional help. No amount of boosters or news that covid has passed will allow them to go back to how they lived just a few years ago.

Fear is one of the most powerful tools to manipulate people, and one of the most destructive. Yet here we are experiencing big tech and big government working in concert to use fear exclusively for their own twisted benefit. Sadly, the damage will last for decades to come.


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