Will the FBI try to pin Epstein’s murder to people in the Trump administration, setting off another 2 years of phony investigations.

Tyler S. Farley

The shocking (not so shocking) death of Jefferey Epstein while in federal prison happened less than 48 hours ago, so this is very much a developing story.

However, a few pieces are coming together that had me wondering about a remote possibility that while at other times may sound crazy, could totally be possible in our current crazy world.

What I’m talking about is the possibility that Epstein’s murder was set up to falsely implicate people within the Trump administration, kicking off another two years of Mueller-like investigations and non-stop media coverage just like the recent Russia-hoax.

Now that may seem a little crazy, and I admit it’s all speculation and a remote possibility, but a few recent developments seem to point in that direction.

For one, there is already suspicions around Epstein’s autopsy. Today the medical examiner released his findings which only stated the results were delayed “pending further information”. The reason given was the autopsy could be held back based on “other investigations”. Also, on a related note, the video equipment that was suppose to be monitoring Epstein was malfunctioning at the time of his death.

The second reason I believe that points to trouble is that the FBI became instantly involved. At this point in our country’s history, the idea of the FBI getting involved in a case no longer inspires confidence. Instead, it makes us believe a cover-up is most likely in progress. And of course, let’s not the forget that this is the same FBI that spent the last 2 years trying to illegally remove Trump from office. The same FBI that has not admitted wrongdoing or apologized for the entire Russia hoax scandal.

Then we have the original indictment and arrest of Epstein. There was no new evidence in this new indictment. Instead, it was all based on his old charges from 2008, which Epstein has immunity for as part of his plea deal from that same year. This suggests the only motive for him being arrested was so that he could beĀ  murdered. His arrest was all on charges he already had immunity for. He would have had an easy time in court with these new charges. So it’s very likely this was never meant to go to trial, the whole arrest was just so he could be murdered.

As I stated earlier, this is a developing story and very few details have come out, most likely by design. But it’s very possible this whole thing was meant to get exactly the reaction it did. With the public calling for an investigation and suspecting a conspiracy, the FBI can deliver any crazy narrative they want. So it’s possible killing Epstein will provide two benefits for the intelligence world. For one, he’s gone and can’t expose powerful people who wanted him silenced. And now the FBI can pin his murder on whoever they want.

But as I said, this is speculation. Hopefully, new information will come out during the coming week to provide more insights into how this all will play out. But if this all sounds crazy, just remember that the FBI and the media just spent 2 years trying to convince everyone that the president was a Russian spy.

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