A major shakeup is happening across cable news. Are we about to see the transition from softcore propaganda to hardcore propaganda?

Tyler S. Farley

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a huge shakeup going on across all the major news channels.

Most famously was the departure of Chris Cuomo from CNN. Despite the official reason being given that he was punished for coordinating with his brother to help squash sexual misconduct allegations, there was a bigger story at play behind the scenes.

CNN is looking to completely restructure, and insiders are claiming that almost all the current on-air personalities  will be let go.

As for Cuomo, the sexual misconduct allegations just gave CNN an easy way out of paying him the rest of his contract so it was too big to pass up since it kills two birds with one stone.

Other networks are seeing similar departures. MSNBC is losing Rachel Maddow, who is clearly the face of the network. She’s the only draw the entire network has. Similarly, Brian Williams just left as well.

The list goes on and the reports from insiders are mostly all the same. Many of these failing networks want to pivot to “real news” instead of the reliance on pundits during prime-time.

But the problem with that is we know the media will never report “real news” again. They are all slaves to big corporations and the establishment powers that be. During the 2016 and 2020 election and even more so during the pandemic, they’ve thrown out all attempts at even being moderately unbiased.

The old news is never coming back.

So what does this pivot towards “real news” really mean? I’ll use the terms softcore and hardcore to describe different levels of propaganda and what the news outlets are about to switch to.

Softcore propaganda is what we have witnessed so far. Mostly pedaled by on-air clowns like the pundits and contributors you often see on CNN. Goofballs with no real talent or background such as Van Jones or Ann Navarro. Nobody really takes these people seriously, but they are on a “news network” so their crazy takes and phony soundbites do get replayed around the internet.

But now we move to hardcore propaganda. This is when it all gets very intentional. The media likely will pivot towards “real news” but the pivot will only be to try to add legitimacy to their already exposed propaganda.

It will be a thin veneer to try to win back all the public’s trust that they have already lost over the last decade.

Instead of clowns like Cuomo or Don Lemon giving their ridiculous takes to prop up establishment talking points, the whole process will be delivered much more seriously.

Serious anchors and serious guests will fill cable news. However, the message will be just as much of a clown show as it was before, but this time delivered with the utmost seriousness of a newscaster from the old days.

So get ready, the media is about to pull their last ditch effort to regain the public’s trust. They will portray themselves as the new “real news” sources, but in the end, it will be just a new coat of paint on the same old propaganda we’ve been seeing for the past 5 years.


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