Bad Timing – Chick-fil-a surrenders just as “wokeness” begins to die.

Tyler S. Farley

Their chicken sandwich may be delicious, but their timing is awful.

Yesterday Chick-fil-a announced they will no longer be supporting Christian based charities. An obvious bending of the knee to far-left organized attacks on the company’s long standing support of Christian values.

But this caving couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Woke culture is about to face a backlash. Progressive figure heads like Bill Maher and even Barack Obama have recently remarked on how cancel culture must come to an end. Both have recently spoke about how the left-wing rage-machine has gone too far.

Hollywood is slowly starting to learn the same lesson. Recent reboots of popular movie franchises filled with SJW ideology have all bombed at the box office. Once successful franchises like The Terminator are now ruined, unable to even recoup the cost of production.

It’s undeniable at this point, woke culture is about to face a very public backslash. It’s business suicide, or as the saying goes – Get Woke, Go Broke.

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That’s what makes the Chick-fil-a decision so sad and puzzling. It comes right as cancel culture is about to be swept away, hopefully for good. But instead of Chick-fil-a enjoying their victory, they fumbled on the one-yard line.

Even worse is this move won’t help them at all. Loyal customers will be angry, and those small number of customers who did avoid the restaurant will not suddenly become fans. It’s a lose-lose decision, and that’s what happens when you sell out.

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