Canada fights the mandate protestors by creating another mandate. This time making it illegal to give fuel to protestors.

Tyler S. Farley

Earlier this week we wrote another article spelling out what the fight in Canada is really about. The government doesn’t even care about vaccines anymore, what they are instead defending is their right to use mandates for everything in the future.

That’s no longer a prediction or a theory, it’s now proven by the actions of those in charge in Ottawa.

Over the weekend, a state of emergency was declared in Ottawa. If you remember during the pandemic, local governments everywhere love these “state of emergencies” and have a quick trigger finger to declare one. The reason being is that they can then bypass all normal legislative processes and simply mandate whatever they want.

This is basically how we got all of the mandates here in America and in Canada as well.

Like with all powers concerning the government, once they get a taste of a new authority, they don’t want to give it up. That’s what’s going on in Canada and they just proved it.

With a state of emergency declared, Ottawa police have now said it is a crime to simply give fuel to a protestor. Mind you, giving fuel to someone is NOT a crime in any way. I can fill a gas can and give it to my neighbor, that is not a crime, nor should it ever be a crime.

But this is where a state of emergency becomes so handy for the government. Once declared, then can make any action suddenly become a crime. Even something as simple as handing someone a fuel can so they can have heat or run their vehicle.

That’s the crux of this whole fight, and it’s something Americans need to be aware of as well. Our government has become addicted to state of emergencies and the mandates they allow that circumvent the normal legislative process.

Just late last year we saw this again. Less than a week after Omicron was plastered all over the news, and with only one case here in America, the New York governor declared a new state of emergency. This was with only 1 case, and the case being on the opposite coast.

It all has to stop. A state of emergency and the use of mandates was made for floods or natural disasters so supplies could be acquired and moved quickly. It was never meant to be an ongoing perpetual state of government.

So hats off to these Canadian truckers. But it’s not just Canada, Americans need to realize that if we allow these mandates to become the norm, we will soon lose freedoms at a pace faster than ever before.

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