The Progressive slight-of-hand that allows them to call everyone a racist.

Tyler S. Farley

The Progressive left has a performed a rather deft slight-of-hand on American culture over the last two years.

As I’m sure you’re well aware, starting off during the 2016 elections the Progressive left has been pushing the narrative that racism and white-supremacist ideology is not only on the rise, it’s entrenched in all aspects of American society and worse than ever.

This notion has been taught in universities for some time, but during the election of 2016, it was brought out to the public in an effort to defeat Donald Trump. The goal of the DNC, as we saw in leaked emails was to paint Trump and his followers as white-supremacists and racists.

The basic Progressive teaching goes like this . They claim all white people are racist, even if they don’t think they are racist. White people are racist by default due to the fact of their “whiteness”.  This bizarre Progressive theory then leads to the notion of “white privilege”, where white people are taught that they have a distinct advantage over all other races in America simply because they’re white.

Of course, these ideas are total nonsense. Some people in America do in fact have privilege, but it’s 100% due to economics. For example, a black child born to wealthy black parents has far more “privilege” then a poor white child born to poor white parents. The race of the child has nothing to do with it. In fact, if you break down economic success in America by race, Asians actually come out on top. So the Progressive notion of there being a racial privilege of any kind doesn’t really make sense and no objective statistics back up their claims.

But this is where the slight-of-hand comes into play. The Progressive left and their elite allies in the media, by constantly and falsely accusing white people of being racist have caused white people to push back in defense. And pushing back is a totally warranted and acceptable response to being falsely labeled as a racist. But Progressives are trying to label this natural push-back as racism. And that’s the slight-of-hand.

Imagine if I walk up to a guy in a bar and kept falsely accusing him of being a jerk. Over and over I say how bad he is and how much of jerk he is. After a while, when he finally has heard enough, he gets up and yells that I better stop or else he’s going do something about it. Then I proclaim – “See! I was right, this guy is a jerk, he just threatened me!”

This is exactly what the Progressive left and the elitist media have been doing on a large scale for the past two years. Another related trick they use is to frame all push-back against their false accusations of racism as  a fearful “lashing out” by white people, Conservatives, or Trump supporters.

If you attack someone non-stop with a false accusation, that person will push-back in defense of themselves. But that doesn’t make them guilty of the initial slander. It’s simply defending yourself and your name in a way that is equal to the level you’ve been threatened with slander.

Sadly, I don’t know if Progressives even realize what they are doing. Their ideology as of late has become so detached from reality that they are operating from a place of pure fantasy. The fact that simply claiming there are only two biological genders is enough for banning or censorship in the worldview of Progressives, it’s almost impossible to determine if they truly believe what they are saying or just deranged.

So be on the look out for this insidious little slight-of-hand by the Progressive far left. Pushing back against false accusations of racism doesn’t make you a racist, but the media sure tries to frame it that way.

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