The collapse has already started. Most people just don’t realize it yet.

Tyler S. Farley

I don’t want this to be a depressing post, although the title might suggest that being the case.

Things can be changed, but for any situation to change, people have to first address and confront it honestly.

I’m sure you’ve seen countless online articles about the upcoming collapse of virtually everything. From the stock market, to the economy, to supply chains, to energy. Everything is supposedly about to collapse right before our eyes.

But the problem with that is it sets up a situation where everyone is waiting for some big event to happen, the so-called “collapse” that we can point to and everyone can finally say, “there it is!”

But that’s not how these things generally work in systems as large as our national and even the global economy.

For example, think of something much smaller, yet still a pretty large organization like a corporation. Long-standing corporations can often be in a failing state for decades before finally vanishing.

Take a company like the department store Sears. For over two decades they were in decline and losing money, yet the stores hung around in malls all across the country.

So now imagine a much larger system like the American economy. Something like this can literally decline for a century or more without a huge event marking the actual collapse.

The reason I write this is because people need to realize we are already in the midst of the collapse. Only by accepting that fact instead of waiting around for a big event can we all get on with the job of turning things around.

This is more important than ever as I’m sure you’ve seen that several forces in America and around the world are openly trying to accelerate the collapse so they can usher in new governments around the globe.

The Great Reset is a perfect example and proof that the collapse is already underway and powerful forces are eager to capitalize on the chaos. But not only that, they are openly trying to accelerate it with every real or manufactured crisis that comes up.

One only needs to look at the pandemic response and see the way that proponents of the Great Reset could hardly hide their excitement as millions were forced to stay home and lose their jobs.

When the pandemic was only months old, supporters of the Great Reset were already talking about their plan to “Build Back Better”. You don’t build back better unless you plan on tearing everything down first, and that’s exactly what they plan to do.

So we all need to stop looking for signs of the collapse or evidence that things are going south. The evidence is already all around us, we’re just looking for the wrong signs. Once we start doing that, we can more uniformly push back against those openly trying to accelerate the decline of America for their own gain.


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