Harvard-Harris 2018 poll shows 54% of black voters believe legal immigration should be no more than 250K. It’s currently over 1 million.

Tyler S. Farley

As Democrats continue to push for open borders, are they quietly pushing more and more black voters away?

According to a 2018 poll by Harvard-Harris, 54% of black voters believe legal immigration should be limited to no more than 250,000 people per year. Currently it’s over 1 million, and that only includes legal immigration, the illegal number is most likely much higher than that.

With that polling data in mind, now think about the current Democratic platform. It’s completely focused on open borders and help for illegal immigrants. You could almost argue this is the pillar of their platform. But according to the polling data, this is not popular at all with black voters.

So once again we have a case of the Democratic party pretending to be supportive of issues black voters are concerned with, but in reality, Democrats do almost the exact opposite.

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This is a perfect example of decades long pandering by Democrats to black voters. And it’s one of the reasons they were so frightened of the #walkaway movement. In fact, they were so frightened of it they had to pretend that it was all fake and just the result of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Black voters have every right to be angry with the Democratic party. The party has basically abandoned them in favor of people who aren’t even legal citizens. They’ve abandoned black voters for people who haven’t even had to deal with the issues black voters have had to deal with. It’s a total slap in the face and black voters should be angry.

As I’ve stated in other articles about this topic, this is why the Democratic party has been playing the race-card so much. They are desperate to keep black voters from shopping around for a new political party. This is also why Democrats turn against black people who have decided to switch parties or question the Democrat’s policies. From famous people like Kayne West to everyday black voters who are shamed by their friends on social media, there is a widespread effort to keep black voters from even thinking about another political party to follow.

At this point, one has to start to wonder who the Democratic party even represents anymore. They claim to represent minority voters, but many of those voters are concerned with very different issues than what the Democratic party seems obsessed with. It’s mind boggling how the DNC and the Democratic party has become so out of touch with their own voters and especially independent voters.