With the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer being exposed as an FBI operation. Why isn’t the Governor speaking out on how her life was put in danger by a fake FBI plot?

Tyler S. Farley

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the much publicized “plot” to kidnap Governor Whitmer of Michigan was totally orchestrated and created by the FBI and their band of shady “paid informants”. It wasn’t a “right-wing” plot hatched up by Trump supporters, as was originally claimed by the media.

It has become so bad that court documents have now revealed over half of the people the FBI claimed were involved in the plot were actually on the FBI payroll.

Not only that, key FBI witnesses who were set to testify are now themselves under criminal investigations for different matters. From an FBI agent being accused of beating his wife after a swinger’s party to an informant openly parlaying his FBI job into fraudulent security contracts. The entire case is falling apart, as are those involved.

But this makes you wonder, where are the statements from Governor Whitmer in all of this.

She was quick to jump on the plot when it was first made public. She loved the fact that it suddenly made her the victim. She mentioned the plot often as a way to attack her “right-wing” enemies.

But now that we know such a plot never really existed except in the minds of FBI informants, where is her condemnation?

Shouldn’t the governor be outraged that her life and her family’s safety were put in danger because of a run-away FBI plot that had no basis in reality.

How much would it have taken for one of the people the FBI recruited to have gone rogue and simply carried out an attack of their own after being prodded along by the FBI.

As we well know from cases like the Boston bombing, the FBI often loses track of those they either recruit or watch, only to have them go and commit some other crime when the FBI loses focus and starts working on some other harebrained scheme.

There is enough solid evidence now to show that the FBI is a very splintered organization. At any one time, they have countless operations going and literally thousands of criminal informants out there doing all kinds of terrible things to recruit people into the next fake plot. It’s no wonder these plots often go bad and people get hurt.

So why is the governor not outraged? The FBI went out and recruited people specifically to cause her harm, then the lost control of those people and most of them committed other crimes while on the FBI payroll.

It seems Governor Whitmer got lucky, but maybe she’s smart to know she can’t ever dare cross the FBI, as their next plot may be just around the corner.


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