The mainstream media has no problem reporting on human trafficking, but once you suggest that elites are involved, they suddenly declare it’s all a conspiracy theory.

Tyler S. Farley

With the Maxwell trial in deliberations and the exploits of Jeffrey Epstein now known to everyone, it begs a certain question from the media.

As we know, the media seems to have no issue covering human trafficking stories. In fact, with the Super Bowl just around the corner, you can expect these to pick up as the news loves to talk about how the Super Bowl is often a  central hub for human trafficking.

However, something strange happens once you suggest that the ultra-wealthy, powerful, elite are the ones involved in human trafficking. Then suddenly the media changes their tune and calls it all a conspiracy theory.

So my question is, who does the media think can afford to buy human beings?

It’s not Joe Six-pack buying human beings that are recruited and shipped around the world. It’s not the guy changing your oil. It’s the very wealthy. It’s the people who can cross borders easily in private jets and yachts. Those are the only ones who can afford to keep a global network going that recruits people and then traps them into human slavery.

The Epstein case is a perfect example. The circles he socialized in all knew about his exploits, many were even part of it. This proves how normal human trafficking is among the ultra wealthy and powerful. Nobody even bats an eye for decades when someone like Epstein flies around with trafficked woman. It’s all so normal nobody even raised an eyebrow in those circles.

So going back to the original question. Why does the media call all this a conspiracy theory? Do they truly believe human trafficking is an issue only among the blue collar folks?

So why do they cover for the ultra wealthy when they are accused of being the backbone of every human trafficking network?

The answer is pretty simple. The media is the mouthpiece for the ultra wealthy. They always have been, but it’s worse now than it’s ever.

The media’s main job and purpose is to protect the establishment and all who are involved in it. In fact, the media doesn’t even make money anymore in most cases. Mainstream media outlets are huge money-losers, so they don’t even care about profits. Their main goal is protecting the establishment elites.

So this month as the media starts putting out their annual stories about human trafficking around the Super Bowl, ask yourself what kind of people can afford to buy a human being. Then ask why the media never seems to talk about that part of the story.


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