“Nobody could see it coming” – Sound familiar? They said it with 9/11, now Biden says it with Omicron.

Tyler S. Farley

Just this week Joe Biden and his administration made the almost laughable claim that “nobody could see it coming” in regards to the Omicron variant which is now reigniting lockdown discusssion all around the globe along with a push for even more booster shots.

Biden’s claim is almost impossible to take seriously considering that he’s been talking about nothing but covid, a supposed “dark winter”, and covid variants for nearly a year straight. Yet now he claims all those things he predicted were somehow impossible to see coming.

It could all be a simple shift of blame by his administration. The public is tired of covid, and maybe he wants to just pretend it’s all not his fault.

However, the claim that “nobody could see this coming” is actually pretty common when a plot is carried out that in fact, everyone was very aware of.

If you remember, going back to the attacks of 9/11, members of the Bush administration famously claimed that nobody in the national security apparatus could have possibly seen the attacks coming.

Of course, as we all learned later on, they were well aware and in fact were following the very hijackers that carried out the plan. They even followed them to the flight school where they trained. That’s just the information we know of, of course there are thousands of pages of redacted documents that we are still not able to access.

But it’s safe to say, when the government claims that “nobody could have seen it coming”, it’s usually a deflection from the fact they knew all about it, or maybe even had a hand in it.

So now we move to Omicron. We’ve wrote on this site 6 months ago that there was a plan to reignite the covid fear mongering in the late fall, coinciding with the flu season. That seems to be exactly what has happened.

Launched like a PR campaign, the Omicron variant was pushed out with a Thanksgiving-day media blitz that was almost too perfectly timed and orchestrated. It all seemed designed to deliver maximum impact like an advertising campaign for a blockbuster summer movie.

Let’s also not forget that before Omicron was launched, Biden spoke breathlessly of a “dark winter” and a season filled with dangerous variants.

Now, those things appear to be coming true, at least according to the media, but suddenly Biden claims nobody could see any of it coming. All after he told us to expect exactly what seems to be happening.

It all has the vibes of a classic cover-up that we’ve seen before when our government in complicit in some national disaster or attack. They make the same old claim that “nobody could see it coming”, but then later we find out they not only saw it coming, they had a hand in making sure it did.


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