The striking similarities between 2016 and 2020. From a summer of violence to an October surprise the media and FBI refuse to investigate.

Tyler S. Farley

I think it goes without saying that 2020 has been one of the craziest and most unique years in recent memory. But despite all the craziness, the election is playing out as an almost exact carbon-copy of 2016.

Below are just a few of the striking similarities.

Sanders gets robbed and an establishment, unlikable candidate is put in his place by the DNC.

The 2020 Democratic primary ended up almost exactly like it did in 2016. Bernie Sanders was the one with all the enthusiasm behind him early on and was the one raising the big money. But then something funny happened on the way to the nomination. Just like in 2016, the voting started getting sketchy and Biden went from 5th place to 1st place in a matter of weeks. Never before has a the loser of the New Hampshire primary ever went on to win the nomination. But once again, Sanders had all the momentum just like in 2016, yet somehow mysteriously lost to the DNC’s chosen establishment ringer.

To top it off, somehow that ringer has almost the same negatives that Hillary had in 2016, only worse. Old age, failing health, low likability, and a long history in politics ripe for exposure.

Summer of violence

In 2016 the country was introduced to the Black Lives Matter movement. Protests popped up nationwide to bring attention to incidents of police brutality. Strong anti-police sentiment was cultivated which culminated in the slaying of several Dallas police officers in an ambush style attack that shocked the nation.

Fast forward to 2020 and the summer of violence happened yet again. Whoever runs BLM dusted off the signs and the protests started right on schedule in the early summer. This time culminating in more ambush style killings of police officers as well as other widespread violence across the nation.

As you can see in the chart below of Google Trends data, BLM seems to only appear during election years and is dormant in between.

But 2020 saw things get ramped up from 2016. The protests turned violent in early summer and the violence, burning, and looting lasted for weeks, and in some cities, even months.

Hillary’s e-mails/Biden’s laptop

In almost identical stories, the scandal of Hillary’s emails and Hunter Biden’s laptop have sprung up late in the campaign season. Both scandals point to a pay-to-play and influence pedaling scheme by both the Biden family and the Clinton family.

In both cases the defense being used is that the allegations are nothing but “Russian misinformation”. Something we’ve heard about for the last three years but no proof has ever been produced, even after a $48 million investigation.

In both cases, the FBI was involved but chose to do nothing. With the e-mails, the FBI hired a Ukrainian company to investigate and now Hillary’s e-mail server has been lost forever. Nobody knows where it is, not even the FBI. With Biden’s laptop, the FBI held it all during the primaries, something that could have sunk Joe Biden’s campaign early on. But he FBI chose to keep it secret. Also in both cases, the media refuses to knowledge that either story is worth talking about.

So those are just a few of the striking similarities between 2016 and 2020. Are these two election cycles just somehow linked through a cosmic bond or are we witnessing the playbook for future elections to come? Will Democrats push racial division as they dust off BLM every 4 years and let them run wild in the streets looting and burning businesses? Will the media ignore obvious corruption, whether it be the rigged DNC primaries or computer evidence in the form of emails or laptops?

I suppose we’ll have to wait for the answers to those questions but the most striking similarity of all between 2016 and 2020 is yet to come, and that’s another Trump victory.  Once again the polls are saying he has no chance and the media has already declared Biden the winner. If that’s all starting to sound a little familiar too, it’s because it is and just like in 2016, another Trump victory seems to be right around the corner.

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