The NFL’s decision to possibly relocate the Super Bowl exposes the hypocrisy of covid restrictions.

Tyler S. Farley

As Omicron “surges” around the country, causing people to have mild cold symptoms or no symptoms at all, it has left the NFL with a bit of a problem.

The Super Bowl, scheduled to take place in California may not work out due to the ongoing restrictions and extreme testing/vaccine requirements in that state.

So the NFL is now considering possible other locations to relocate to on short notice, including the much less restrictive states of Texas and Florida.

This whole event openly exposes the pure hypocrisy of the covid restrictions and shows that nobody really believes they keep anybody safe.

To explain, let’s look at the NFL example. There are two explanations here and both expose the fraud of covid restrictions.

1) Either covid restrictions work, and the NFL is putting everybody at risk by moving to a place where no restrictions are present.


2) The restrictions do nothing to protect people, so the NFL moving to a less restrictive state simply makes hosting the Super Bowl easier, and there is no net change in people’s safety.

Those are the only two possibilities, and both prove the restrictions are pointless.

But will anybody call out the NFL for their change if they decide to do so? I doubt it.

Ever since the NFL started adopting more left-wing social messaging, the media has given them a pass on their repeated issues with players committing crimes or the long term damage that players, and even children face when playing football.

So don’t expect any attacks on the NFL if they move the Super Bowl. But even if they don’t, the consideration of moving the event proves that most people, including the entire NFL, realize that covid restrictions are simply theater and provide no real protection for anybody.


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