The Borat sequel inadvertently shows the damage woke culture has done since the original movie’s release. The number of subjects that can be made fun of has been narrowed down to only Trump or his supporters.

Tyler S. Farley

If the trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat sequel gives us any clue as to how the movie will play, it seems like there is only one subject that Hollywood still allows to be made fun of, and that’s either Trump, Trump supporters, or Americans in general. The Trump mocking is so prevalent in the trailer that some in the media are already calling it Amazon’s own “October surprise”.

Unlike the current trailer for Borat 2, earlier Cohen films like the first Borat or Bruno were filled with jokes making fun of almost everything, from homosexuals to hillbillies.

But those movies almost seem like they were made a lifetime ago, and before woke culture took over every facet of the media.

Those movies, such as Bruno would never even be made today. In fact, I doubt Cohen would even come up with the idea of the character today. The idea of a flamboyant gay model who is the butt of stereotypical jokes would almost immediately be cast aside by the “woke” Cohen of today. Not only that, the movie would never get made or released if he did follow through with it.

All of this points to how much woke culture has damaged and ruined entertainment. We see it everywhere, but especially so in comedies.

The early 2000’s were filled with several comedy blockbuster movies on an almost yearly basis. Many of these films made stars out of actors like Will Ferrell and others. But look at today, and barely any comedies are ever released. Who are the new comedic movie stars like Ferrell? There are none, because Hollywood doesn’t make comedies anymore.

What’s the reason they don’t make comedies anymore? It’s simple, it’s because there is nothing that is allowed to be made fun of. Everything is off limits, except of course for Trump and his supporters.

If you don’t believe me, simply look at late night television. For decades, late night talk shows lampooned every aspect of pop culture. But now, it’s all one-note comedy. Night after night, hosts like Seth Meyers or Jimmy Kimmel simply tell the same Trump jokes over and over. Nothing else is allowed to be uttered in the woke hallways of ABC and NBC television studios. And certainly nothing else is allowed to be made fun of without the fear of being cancelled by the woke mob.

It will be interesting to see just how much of the original style of Borat is included in the sequel when it is released on October 23. My guess is it’s going to play a lot like the late night talk shows have for the past 3 years, a one-note slog that is only allowed to poke fun at one subject, while all other subjects are verboten.

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