The unprecedented number of CEOs resigning was because they knew a plot to tank the economy was in place. The same way insider trading took place before 9/11.

Tyler S. Farley

As we continue taking in the nonstop news regarding the coronavirus, where celebrities seem to be testing positive everyday but nobody in middle America seems to know anybody who has it, a few questions are starting to come to the surface. Mainly, why did a historic number of CEOs resign over the last few months and what did they know?

As has well been documented, there was a rash of insider trading in the days leading up to 9/11. One such trade was documented by economist James Rickards in an interview with Business Insider. Below is a snippet of that interview.

In the early spring of 2014, not long after the publication of “The Death of Money,” one of the most seasoned government securities traders at one of the biggest Wall Street banks got in touch with me.

His specialty was to service the largest customers in the world: central banks, sovereign wealth funds, and huge pension funds managed by states and major banks. We met for coffee at an outdoor café in Darien, Connecticut.

This industry veteran had read the book and reached out to me to relate a story he had never told anyone before.

He said that on September 10, 2001, the day before the terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon, he was at a customer outing and received a frantic phone call from his sales assistant who was covering the desk in his absence.

A major sovereign wealth fund had called to place an order to buy $2 billion of 2-year Treasury notes. Even by the standards of large bank dealers, an order for two billion dollars of notes in one transaction is almost unheard of.

The sovereign wealth fund was so large that counterparty credit was not an issue. The $2 billion trade was executed and settled at the end of that business day. The customer was never heard from again. The next day the attack took place and the value of the newly purchased 2-year notes soared in a predictable “flight to quality” in the face of geopolitical uncertainty.

The disappearing sovereign wealth fund made millions. Unlike the stock exchange, which closed after the attack, the U.S. Treasury market remained open, and the sovereign wealth fund was able to collect its winnings without difficulty.

It was a clear-cut case of insider trading in advance of the attack.

This is just one story out of many that have come out since the 9/11 attacks.

Below is a report from ABC news that aired just days after 9/11 which chronicles the insider trading that took place. Mind you, this was just days after the attacks and there was already evidence. In the years since, it has all been confirmed.

Almost 20 years later the evidence is now overwhelming that many very wealthy people around the world had knowledge of the attacks, but not only that, they knew the exact day. There is no way any reasonable person with financial knowledge can interpret the evidence in any other way.

So now we move to another huge and disruptive event taking place right now, the coronavirus pandemic. At this time, at least in America and many other western countries, the death toll is extremely low. However, the economic damage has been extreme and unprecedented. So without a doubt, the biggest impact has been to the economy despite the fact that the death toll is extremely low. In America, only 60 people have died and most of those were elderly and already in nursing care with compromised health. So the economic response hardly seems proportional to the actual situation, but that may be exactly the intention.

As has been widely reported,  in the months leading up to the coronavirus outbreak, there were a record number of CEOs who resigned from their post. This NBC news article states that 1300 had left in 2019, many towards the end of the year. However, the pace increased to a record breaking number in early 2020, with 219 leaving in January alone. Many of these were very high profile and almost all were totally unexpected. The pace continued until right before the coronavirus outbreak started making international news.

CEOs stepping down is nothing unusual during tough economic times when earnings are low. However, these resignations all occurred during historic and record gains in the stock market. It’s hardly a time to expect a record amount of CEOs to step down.

This is where the similarities with insider trading before 9/11 start to come into focus. In both cases, we have a large global “black swan” event and immediately we are realizing there was extremely strange behavior beforehand which suggest foreknowledge of such events by wealthy elites.

The evidence is starting to suggest many business leaders knew a plot was in the works to tank to the global economy, so they got out at the top. The same way extremely wealthy traders around the world knew 9/11 was coming and made bets to turn huge profits overnight. The similarities are almost too striking to ignore, and as more time passes, the evidence will most likely become stronger as it has with 9/11.

The sad part of all this is that if you ask most people on the street about 9/11 insider trading, they will have no idea what you are talking about, even 20 years later and despite the overwhelming evidence. The fact is, it’s something people just aren’t allowed to talk about, the same way nobody in the media seems to be able to talk about how Saudi Arabia financed the entire 9/11 operation. These are provable truths yet they are verboten in America media.

The evidence of the mysterious resigning CEOs seem to be falling into the same category. Nobody will likely talk about this, but the truth is it seems very likely that there was a plot to tank the American economy and a lot of very wealthy people knew about it.

So the real question now becomes, who was behind the plot and what was the motive. Was it political? Was it to reset the economy and beg for more central bank money infusions? Is this China’s retaliation for the current trade war? At this point we’re not sure. But just like 9/11, the evidence will slowly come out and the true motivation will be made clear. The troubling part is whether or not anyone will actually care when that evidence does come out.

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