Time Magazine all but admits there is no white supremacy movement in America

Tyler S. Farley

Ohio was on edge as a supposed KKK affiliated rally was planned in the city of Dayton. The media of course hyped up the event in their never-ending push to convince Americans that there is a rising white supremacist movement brewing in this country when obviously there is no such thing.

But now Time Magazine, which has spent the last two years holding on to their dwindling relevancy by being decidedly biased and anti-Trump, had to admit in their coverage that the rally exposed the fact that the KKK is basically non-existent in Ohio, and the rest of the country as well.

As reported by Time, only 9 people showed up for the supposed Klan affiliated rally. So the much hyped event that was talked about in the local news for weeks only attracted 9 weirdos.

The truth is, if you made up a totally fake cause and hyped it up on the news for weeks, you should be able to get at least 100 clueless souls to latch on and show up in support. The fact that only 9 people showed up in this case proves that the narrative of a rising white supremacist movement in America is nothing more than a media generated fantasy.

Not only did just 9 supporters show up, over 600 protesters were there. Once gain proving that the white supremacist narrative is a media fantasy.

The reality is that this was not a KKK rally at all, it was an anti-KKK event. Which by itself would be fine, except for the fact that the KKK doesn’t really exist. It’s become a bogeyman of sorts used by the left leaning media to smear Conservatives and Republican candidates as well as their voters.

Hopefully events like the one in Ohio will wake Progressives from their fevered madness causing them perpetuate the notion of America being a country filled with out of control racism. The truth is America is one of the most successfully diverse countries on Earth, if not the most successful. Very few countries and cultures are as welcoming and tolerant as America, and we shouldn’t forget that.

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