The untold reason why Trump’s approval with black voters is climbing ever higher.

Something that I have suspected for some time is starting to show up in the polls in a big way. And that is the fact that support for President Trump among black voters is steadily increasing.

A recent Rasmussen poll puts Trump’s approval rating among black voters to be a staggering 36%. This is double the approval rating last year, which was just 19%, a lower number yet still relatively good even at that for a conservative President.

I firmly believe that Trump’s approval ratings among black voters will continue to inch upwards and there are several reasons for this. But I think one reason that may be overlooked is the fact that the mainstream media and late night comedians have unknowingly contributed to this rise in Trump’s approval ratings among black voters.

The reason is that the mainstream media’s non-stop attacks on Trump are slowly turning him into a sympathetic figure in the eyes of the black community.

One thing elite Progressive whites who appointed themselves to speak for black voters don’t realize, is that in the black community, someone who stands up to power is respected. Given the history of black Americans in this country, they are rightfully skeptical of power structures and institutions. They’ve been on the wrong side of an unfair system before and know when someone is not getting a fair deal.

And this is what the mainstream media has done with their constant attacks on Trump. They have overplayed their hand, and the black community can see right through it. Black voters see that Trump is the one standing up to the power structure and entrenched institutions, not the other way around as the mainstream media tries to portray it. And a man standing up to the power structure is an image and an idea that resonates in the black community as it speaks to their combined past struggles.

We see this clearly in the viral #walkaway movement, where tens of thousands of black Americans and others from different minority groups are starting to see that the corrupt mainstream media and the deep state are the real power structures and institutions that must be brought down, and Trump is the one standing up to them. Not only is he standing up to them, he is winning. It’s a powerful narrative that is attractive to many voters, including black voters.

Of course, when you combine this with the more tangible policy benefits that many minority groups are seeing, it makes for a perfect set of circumstances to keep elevating Trumps poll numbers.

Things like record low black unemployment, along with record low Hispanic unemployment, all are making voters see with their own eyes that the mainstream media’s narrative of Trump as a racist, or a criminal, or treasonous, is simply not true and in fact the opposite is actually true.

In 2016 Trump said he will one day get 95% of the black vote. Of course, he was roundly ridiculed by the mainstream press for such a prediction. But like most of Trump’s promises and predictions, don’t be surprised when this one comes to pass sooner than we all thought.

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