How covid started a class war. The ruling and professional class got everything wrong, and the middle class and poor paid the price.

Tyler S. Farley

Recently, Stanford professor of medicine Jay Bhattacharya said that history will look back at the shutdowns around the globe as one of the biggest mistakes in all of human history. That’s saying a lot considering the scope of human history.

His remarks were made on the London Telegraph podcast named ‘Planet Normal’. Below is a sample of the professor’s sentiment towards the shutdowns:

“I do think that future historians will look back on this and say this was the single biggest public health mistake, possibly of all history, in terms of the scope of the harm that it’s caused,”

The professor added “Every single poor person on the face of the earth has faced some harm, sometimes catastrophic harm, from this lockdown policy.”

But it’s not just people being harmed, the shutdowns will end up killing millions of people according to recent studies in Germany. These additional deaths will come from an increase in mental illness, drug abuse, poverty, postponement of medical care, and other factors.

So whatever you believe about the lockdowns, there is no debate that long-lasting negative effects will impact millions of people. But those people suffering harm share one thing in common, they are overwhelmingly from middle class or poor backgrounds.

The people who have already suffered the most from the lockdowns and the people who will end up suffering in the future are all poor or middle class. Nobody in the ruling class or professional class has felt the pain from their adherence to the shutdown measures.

In fact, many in the ruling class and professional class saw the shutdowns as something akin to a vacation. Most had built lives where they were overworked and stretched thin. But the shutdowns gave them an excuse to dial it all back and stay at home. Even more hypocritical, some in positions of authority took actual vacations to luxury resorts in Puerto Rico while at the same time calling for longer shutdowns for everyone else.

While poor people saw their children fall behind in their schoolwork as distance learning turned out to be a failure, wealthy parents simply hired tutors. So while even before covid, a child from a wealthy home could easily pull ahead of poor children attending lesser schools, this discrepancy accelerated during the shutdowns. Poor children were put at an even larger disadvantage than they already were while wealthy children experienced a minimal change, if any.

This is just one example where the ruling and professional class were able to push their ill-conceived ideas on everyone and not pay the staggeringly high price for their mistakes.

For the wealthy, most got even wealthier during the shutdowns. Now, they’re simply picking up where they left off a year ago while the poor and middle class find themselves starting over. Their savings drained and most likely now in debt, the poor and middle class are faced with the task of digging themselves out of a hole during one of the worst economic environments in decades. No small task, and something the wealthy have completely avoided.

All of this will fuel the growing class war that is underway. With covid in the rear-view mirror, along with the media propaganda about it that caused everyone to live in constant fear, people are waking up and seeing what really happened. They are seeing they were lied to about where covid came from, and they were lied to about how unnecessary and ineffective the shutdowns were.

Not only are they seeing that the shutdowns were useless, they are realizing the ruling class knew they weren’t helping, but kept them up anyway to save face and avoid having to admit their mistakes. It compounded the problem and prolonged the suffering for millions of people, all while not saving any additional lives.

So while many are just happy the restrictions and constant fear mongering has ended, there will come a time when the pain starts to set in. When that happens, people will want someone held responsible, and they will look to the ruling class that caused so much damage but somehow ended up walking away wealthier than when it all began.