After the choreographed arrest of Roger Stone, don’t expect the Mueller probe to end anytime soon.

Tyler S. Farley

If it wasn’t so sad, the staged and choreographed arrest of Roger Stone last Friday would almost be comical. The sight of FBI agents in full body armor, night vision, and machine guns approaching a 66 year old man in his pajamas to arrest him was so over-the-top that even long time Trump hater Bill Maher admitted it was too much.

But what this arrest and now unsealed indictment tells us is that the Mueller probe is probably nowhere near finishing up as some have claimed.

Reports started to come out that Mueller would be wrapping up the investigation in mid-February. However, with the recent arrest of Stone, it looks like that will not happen.

With Rogers Stone now under arrest, they will try to get something on him or make him testify to something. This will obviously take time as the two legal teams go back and forth and it will take far longer than mid-February which is only a few weeks away.

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Next we have the indictment itself which has been unsealed. It names several people (by association, not by name and only referred to numerically, i.e. Person 1) that are probably also targets of this investigation.

So it appear as though the Mueller plan has been exposed somewhat. He intends on slowly arresting more people or at the very least bringing them to be questioned by the FBI or even in front of Congress. Then hope to get them caught in a lie, or what he deems to be a lie so that he can charge them with a process crime if he hasn’t already.

As we know, no American or Trump associate has been charged with any crime relating to collusion. All the crimes are the results of the investigation itself.

But it now looks like Mueller plans on dragging this thing on for most of this year, and possibly even next year. As long as he takes his time bringing people in for questioning then charging them one at a time, often months apart, he can keep this thing going for the rest of 2019.

It make sense from his point of view as well as those who want to take Trump down in 2020. As I wrote earlier, Mueller still hasn’t uncovered any actual crimes related to collusion. His investigation has been a total failure up until this point. So if he releases his findings now, the damaging results will be minimal after the initial media frenzy upon release dies down. After reading through it, most people will realize there is no substance, no real collusion, and the whole thing was a waste of money, as are most Special Counsel investigations.

However, if he can slow-walk this whole thing moving towards the election, it will continue to do damage to the President the same way that it already has. By leaking phony and un-sourced allegations against Trump, it can trick uninformed voters that evidence appears to be building up against the President when in reality all those allegations and leaked stories are eventually proven false. But the initial frenzy by the press creates a distorted view of reality and some people will fall for it. Especially people not tied into the 24 hour news cycle because they probably will never see the retractions and corrections posted about the original fake story.

The Democrats and deep steep agencies seem to have a plan for 2020 and we can already see the pieces coming together. From social media platforms banning conservative voices to search engine manipulation, these things are being done to lay the groundwork for some type of epic fake media campaign. And the release of the Mueller investigation will end up being a centerpiece of that operation.

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