Trump’s questioning of the Meuller witch hunt in front of Putin showed strength. To do otherwise would have made Trump look afraid of his own intelligence agencies. Something Putin would see as a weakness.

If you watched any mainstream media coverage of the summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump, you would assume Trump just handed over the nuclear codes to Putin along with the keys to Air Force One. Virtually every controlled media source used extremely similar language as they all followed a similar script. Calling Trump’s actions either “disgraceful” or “treasonous”. Once again showing that the mainstream media has pretty much dismissed any attempt at objectivity and operates mostly as one large entity pushing a single narrative.

But what I haven’t heard is the REAL reason Trump questioned the American intelligence community at the press conference in front of Putin. The real reason here is actually pretty obvious, but I think many have missed it.

For starters, we all know the Mueller investigation and the phony dossiers that started it are nothing but a witch hunt run by the FBI and other factions of the deep state. Trump knows this, Putin knows this, and so do most reasonable people who prefer facts and evidence over un-sourced stories that always fizzle out. So with this being said, if Trump didn’t stand up to this obvious and unfounded witch hunt, it would show Putin that Trump is afraid of his own intelligence community, and therefore he would look weak. After all, how can one look strong if he is afraid of factions within his own government? If Trump tried to appease those who are falsely accusing him, he would look weak and desperate to score political points. Putin would see this in an instant. But instead, Trump took the political hit he knew would come so he could show Putin that he is in fact in charge, and not about to bend the knee to the deep state trying to delegitimize his presidency since day one.

If one were to go back before the summit they would see that Trump knew exactly what he was going to do, and even knew he would take a hit in the media for doing so. Trump is very media savvy, even his harshest critics admit that, and he knows exactly how things will play out in the modern biased media landscape. So Trump was very aware there would be fallout from his statements.

Simply look at his Tweets on the eve of the summit. He specifically said that no matter what he does, the media is going to go after him for it. He said that even if Putin gifted Trump Moscow, the U.S. media would complain he didn’t also get Saint Petersburg. This was Trump telegraphing that he knew exactly what he was going to say, and he knew there would be fall out. He knew that as far as the media was concerned, there was no way he was leaving Helsinki with any positive press coverage. So he did what he had to do to appear in control and strong in front of  Putin. And I’m sure Putin got the message. He saw a man that took a political hit to stand up for himself against his enemies instead of trying to gain cheap political points. It also showed Putin as well as the deep state that Trump will not be not bullied, and definitely not on the biggest stage.

So in the end, Trump really had no choice. And his Tweets going into the summit prove he knew exactly that. And for all I know, maybe it was just ego. Maybe he just refused to look weak in front of Putin, even if it might have helped his politics back home. But either way, Trump stood up to his enemies and the baseless witch hunt which has still not provided any evidence of collusion. So while the mainstream media freaks out and yells treason from any open microphone it can find, Trump has gained support from his followers for standing up for himself. He showed Putin that he is in control, not the deep state. And as far as the media coverage, that was going to be negative anyway, so he didn’t lose anything on that front. So overall, it was just more winning.