Trump’s goal with the census question was the same as with his 4th of July celebration announcement. Get Democrats to strongly oppose a popular and common sense idea.

Tyler S. Farley

With the issue of whether or not to include a question about citizenship on the census survey now seemingly tabled, it’s a good time to look once again at how Trump trolled Democrats into publicly opposing something that most people find to be simple common sense.

But first, let’s go back a few days to the July 4th holiday because Trump used almost the same technique to great effect.

Before the July 4th holiday, Trump announced that he was planning a celebration in Washington DC, complete with a huge fireworks show and some appearances by military jets doing fly-overs. Of course, Democrats went crazy as they do with anything Trump suggests and spent the better part of a week speaking out against a 4th of July celebration in the nation’s capital.

Let that sink in for a moment. Democrats OPPOSED a 4th of July celebration in the nation’s capital.

This is exactly what Trump wanted. He wanted the Democrats to oppose something that is so obviously common sense and normal. By opposing it, they exposed how extreme they have become without Trump even having to point anything out.

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So now back to the census question and we have Trump using the exact same technique to expose Democrats again. I’m sure he knew the citizenship question would face opposition, and knowing how slow the courts work it would probably not be settled in a timely matter. But Trump was fine with that, because once again his goal was to get Democrats to oppose what most sane Americans see as a common sense and necessary question to put on the census.

So in the span of about two weeks, Democrats have staunchly opposed two things that most Americans see as no-brainers. A 4th of July celebration in the nation’s capital and simply asking people if they are citizens or not.

You would think Democrats would have wised up by now. Trump has been trolling them like this since before he even won the election yet they continue to fall for it. In fact, I would almost say they are falling for it even harder. If someone told you a few years ago that Democrats would strongly oppose a 4th of July celebration, you would have never believed it. Yet, here we are.

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