All the giant tech companies that are protecting the deep state via censorship have one thing in common. They were all able to operate at massive, decade-long losses until they became the giants that they are now.

Tyler S. Farley

As big tech censorship becomes such a huge problem that even progressives and liberals are starting to speak out against it, there is one thing all of these tech companies have in common.

That one thing is the fact that all of these companies now heavily censoring the internet to protect the establishment were all able to operate at huge losses while they slowly took over the internet.

The most shocking example is Amazon. Amazon as a company never turned a profit for 13 years. Somehow it managed to get constant inflows of money and their stock price continued to climb for no apparent reason.

Ironically, Amazon didn’t turn a profit until the CIA announced they had signed a $600 million contract to run all of the CIA’s computer infrastructure on Amazon Cloud Services.

Coincidence I’m sure.

Next up is Facebook. Facebook was not even close to being profitable for 5 years but they had enough money to keep growing faster than any competitor would be allowed to keep pace with. The money came from shady Russian investment firms and other foreign sources that are almost impossible to track down.

Just as an added bonus, Facebook launched only a month after the DARPA project called Life Log was terminated over growing privacy concerns.

Twitter is no different and had the same strange Russian investors. Totally unprofitable from the start, then they went public with an IPO in 2013 and they still weren’t’ profitable until 6 years after that. Even with Twitter finally becoming profitable in 2019, they have experienced a steady decline in their user base and metrics. But somehow the company magically keeps growing more powerful.

As as side note, almost every competitor to Twitter is immediately labeled as alt-right and a meeting place for racists. It’s almost impossible to launch a competitor to Twitter without being immediately attacked by the media.

YouTube was famously unprofitable since it was originally purchased by Google 15 years ago. The operating revenue was so small that it wasn’t even listed on Google’s balance sheet. Yet they poured tons of money into it so that no competitors could keep pace. The amount of money involved was kept secret for 15 years until 2020.

YouTube still declines to admit whether or not YouTube is profitable and only discloses total revenue. They don’t want to have to explain why they keep pouring billions of dollars into something that is almost impossible to make profitable given the expenses of running it.

As you can see, virtually all of the companies at the forefront of this massive censorship campaign protecting the deep state all have almost the same origin story. They were able to operate at huge losses until they could cement themselves as owners of the information gateways. They all did this through shady foreign injections of money through investment firms or through government contracts like in the case of Amazon’s CIA deal.

Another strange coincidence is how all these companies had no political bias or aspirations at all until 2016 when they essentially all “activated” at the same time.

Prior to 2016, none of these companies ever mentioned or pushed any ideology. YouTube got their start pushing Jackass-style “nutshot” videos to the front page. Twitter was mainly a nude photo sharing site in the early days.

Even employees at Google state that prior to 2016 the company was totally different than it is today. Nobody in the hallways ever spoke about politics or even cared. Then all of a sudden it was all they ever spoke of, and speaking out against it was grounds for termination.

So why did all these companies suddenly activate their political ideology at the same time in 2016 when before that, they had no political leanings or affiliations whatsoever?

Whatever is going on, these tech companies that are currently suppressing free speech all have very similar origin stories and all became insanely ideologically driven at the same time.

When viewed as a whole, it appears to be much more than just mere coincidence.

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