There are over 70 vaccines in accelerated clinical trials. Annual mandatory vaccines are coming.

Tyler S. Farley

When people talked about a “vaccine passport” that would eventually come, they were called crazy conspiracy theorists. Of course, now we know that huge corporations like IBM and Microsoft are pouring millions of dollars into creating such a passport as we speak.

But even now when people speak of mandatory annual vaccines, they are still labeled as conspiracy theorists, but the truth is right around the corner once again.

Right now, over 70 vaccines for covid-19 are currently in accelerated human trials. That’s a lot of vaccines if the plan is to inoculate the majority of the population by the summer and then be done with the pandemic.

No, instead what are you going to see is a simmering fake pandemic that is perpetuated forever through false claims of new “mutant strains”.

The entire goal is clear and many people saw it from the very start but were dismissed as paranoid. The goal is to get the entire population use to the idea of annual mandatory injections. There will be no escaping these injections, either by mandate or by public shame, they will be nearly impossible to avoid.

Should you choose not to get vaccinated on schedule, most aspects of modern life will become almost impossible. Attending events, traveling, going to school, and finding a job will be almost impossible.

Eventually the vaccine passport will be tied to your government benefits. No benefits will be paid out until you are vaccinated. With nearly 70% of American households on some sort of government benefit plan, that will get most people on board.

For those strong-willed individuals who can live without the comforts of modern life, they will simply be shamed from all sides. From the media, to portrayals in pop culture, those who don’t have a vaccine passport will be represented as the lowest of society, even worse than criminals.

If all this sounds like dystopian fiction, simply ask yourself if you ever imagined life being the way it is today. Just over a year ago, nobody imagined food lines stretching for miles and everyone in public wearing masks. But now those things are common place and have been totally normalized to the point that just the sight of an exposed face with no mask can cause a violent reaction among those who have brainwashed.

Now, with over 70 vaccines in the pipeline and soon to reach the market, there can be no debate on what the plan really is. Those vaccines aren’t really just for the spring of this year. Those will be used and tweaked for years to come, and nobody will be able to successfully opt out.

No, it’s not a conspiracy theory anymore. These are huge public pharmaceutical companies and technology firms working in concert to create a never-ending stream of vaccines and proprietary tracking software so that nobody can avoid them.

Some of the largest companies in the world wouldn’t be investing in vaccine passport technologies if they were just to be used for a few short months. They are investing in the future, and they expect these passports and the annual vaccines to go on forever.