The Russia hoax and calls for impeachment make total sense when you think about it. It’s exactly the response you would expect from the establishment when confronted with a real anti-establishment President.

Tyler S. Farley

When you stop and think about it, it all makes sense. The Russia hoax, the impeachment – it all makes sense when you understand what trump really stands for. If you pull back for a minute and overlook all the mind-numbing minutia of Ukrainian phone calls or the Steel Dossier creation, it all comes into very obvious focus.

For starters, even Democrats will admit that Trump is an anti-establishment President. Or in Trump’s own words, he wants to drain the swamp. Of course, voters like the sound of draining the swamp when it comes to Washington. But to the establishment it translates into losing their cash cow.

When you see it that way, it all becomes clear. Of course most of the establishment is trying to oust Trump through whatever means are necessary. He’s a threat to them and their careers.

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But of course, Democrats can’t sell it like that. Instead they reverse it and say Trump is a threat to YOU, to America, and possibly even the world.

And that’s where all this impeachment nonsense is coming from. It’s a self defense mechanism to protect the swamp. And yes, it’s everybody in the swamp, both Democrats and Republicans. Lately Republicans have come around to support trump in greater numbers. Most are only doing it due to Trump’s rising popularity and ability to swing local and state elections with his rallies and Tweets. Many Republicans simply fear losing re-election if they cross Trump, so they begrudgingly stand against impeachment.

So you can see all of this impeachment talk probably should have been expected. It seems so obvious now, but in retrospect it should have been just as obvious. Of course the first real change agent in the White House would receive enormous push-back. Of course the establishment would throw everything they have at the first REAL anti-establishment candidate. To have seen any less would mean Trump wasn’t truly who he said he was. But luckily, Trump is turning out to be exactly as advertised.

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