Even ignoring all the scandals and lies, Dr. Fauci should be fired simply on the grounds that the situation he’s in charge of has not improved at all.

Tyler S. Farley

The fact that Dr. Fauci is still featured on news programs as someone in a leadership role is beyond perplexing at this point.

We’ve written extensively on this site regarding Dr. Fauci’s many scandals. Things such as his funding of the Wuhan lab that created Covid-19 and more recently his funding of grotesque experiments where various animals were tortured for no scientific purpose whatsoever.

But even if you ignore all those scandals, Dr. Fauci is still a completely failed leader when it comes dealing the covid pandemic.

In fact, it’s so simple that even the numbers coming out of the CDC show that Dr. Fauci has failed at the one job he had, which was managing and reducing the pandemic.

But what makes this even more puzzling is that Dr. Fauci himself is often making the rounds on television news saying that the pandemic is about to get worse. Any chance he gets he gives us yet another warning that the pandemic isn’t over and in fact, is poised to get worse.

So by his own admission on an almost daily basis, Dr. Fauci tells us all that the situation he is tasked with remedying is in fact getting worse by the day.

So by any objective metric, how does Dr. Fauci still have a job.

If your boss put you in charge of reducing costs for your department, and costs kept going up, but not only that, you told your boss you predicted even higher costs as time went on, he would probably fire you.

If your job is to make numbers go one way but by your own admission they always go the other way, you’ve failed at your job.

So by that logic, why exactly does Dr. Fauci still have job?

The answer is simple. His job was NEVER to make the pandemic go away. That’s not what any government agency or bureaucrat does. Making a problem go away means they and all their cronies lose their cushy jobs and funding.

So instead, Fauci’s job, whether he knew it or was a just useful idiot, was to make this go on forever. Or at least until the publicĀ  got so tired of it they simply didn’t care any more.

There is really no other explanation for why Dr. Fauci has a job directing the pandemic efforts still. If his job was to really solve this issue and get it under control, he’s failed by every metric and even by his own daily statements.

So as long as Dr.Fauci still has a job and you still see him on TV, that means the people in charge have no interest in ending this pandemic any time soon.

When Dr. Fauci goes, it may signal an end to this whole debacle. Or maybe they just found an even bigger fool to play along.


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