They still refuse to release the January 6th full security camera footage. Maybe they’ll release it in the year 2096 along with the Pfizer trial data?

Tyler S. Farley

With a full “committee” investigating the protests of January 6th, they seem to be omitting one crucial piece of evidence.

That evidence being all the security footage from all the cameras around and inside the Capitol Building.

Just days after January 6th, we wrote about that same question here and wondered if that footage would ever be released.

Well, apparently we have our answer because there’s no sign of it, not even a mention of its existence.

But why? Clearly if the breathless media coverage of January 6th and the narrative that it was a “violent insurrection” was true, the security footage should be able to tell an even more frightening and compelling story than words or headlines ever could.

Yet, they are still not releasing it nor are they even acknowledging it exists.

The reason for this should be clear. The footage tells a completely different story than what the media is pushing.

The overwhelming majority of those who went into the building on January 6th were let in by guards and the police. This is what they don’t want the public to see.

Not only that, an overwhelming majority that entered were not even sure what was going on. They simply followed the crowd in, then walked out peacefully without committing any crimes.

That’s the real story of January 6th. And the security footage undoubtedly shows that.

That’s why you’ll never see it, or at least won’t see it any time soon.

But hey, maybe they’ll release it right after the Pfizer trial data in the year 2096.


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