It’s all becoming clear. The Russian collusion investigation was started to goad Trump into shutting it down.

Tyler S. Farley

Looking at the Russian Collusion investigation, it’s becoming more and more clear that it was never intended to be allowed to finish by those who started it.

The people behind the investigation started it with what they knew was fake information in the now discredited Steele Dossier. So if they started it with fake intelligence, they very well knew that a full investigation would turn up nothing.

So why then did they let it play out?

The true reason is because they never intended on letting it play out to its conclusion as it did. I’ve outlined several possibilities as to why this was the case in this article here. However, one possibility seems to make the most sense.

The whole point of the investigation was to goad Trump into shutting it down, and then once shutdown, they would go after him on obstruction, a much easier case to make since Russian collusion would still technically be on the table. The goal from day one was to get Trump on obstruction, not Russian collusion which they knew was fake. The whole point of the investigation was to get it shut down. That was the plan. That’s why we all saw the mention of obstruction so soon after the launch of the investigation. They were setting the groundwork and narrative for their true plan to go after Trump on obstruction, not fake Russian collusion.

Trump has a long history of being a hot-head and lashing out at his enemies. So my guess is the people behind the investigation concocted the plan to launch the investigation, and then fill the news with constant “bombshells” to make Trump think they are building a fake case against him to ruin his Presidency and his only option would be to interfere or shut down the investigation and have Mueller fired. It was all a plot to get Trump to overreact and shut down an investigation he believed was corrupt and out to get him at any cost.

However, Trump didn’t take the bait and he let the investigation play out which proved there was no Russian collusion, and of course, no obstruction since there was no underlying crime to begin with.

It’s very possible we all witnessed one of the biggest and longest games of chicken in American politics. Both sides hoping the other would blink, but in the end Trump won as he usually does and the Russian collusion investigation has now blown up in the faces of those who started it.

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