When the intelligence community is allowed to control the political narrative, they can assert anything without having to provide proof.

Tyler S. Farley

There’s a very dangerous trend happening in the media right now. It exploded in 2016 with the Russia hoax, but even though that has been disproven, the trend still continues to grow.

That trend is allowing the intelligence community to almost completely control any political narrative in the media. Because of the nature of intelligence work and the acceptance that they are allowed to keep most anything a secret, it allows them to state almost anything or make any accusation without having to provide any proof. Combine that with a media that is all too happy to play along, and you have a recipe for disaster. You have a country where the intelligence community can totally control the narrative by simply suggesting anything it wants without being required to provide any proof or evidence to back it up.

As we’ve seen over the weekend, its going beyond just Trump, now Bernie Sanders has been hit with this new smear technique. News reports came out late Friday that Bernie Sanders was briefed about Russian agents trying to help his campaign. Of course, the mere suggestion of this automatically puts Sanders’ campaign in a bad light, and that’s the whole point. I’m no fan of Bernie Sanders, but it’s clear the establishment doesn’t like him, so he gets virtually the same unfair treatment as Trump, just on a smaller scale. But the method is exactly the same. The intelligence community either leaks or outright announces a bit of news to create a narrative, and they are never required to provide any proof.

You can see the power the intelligence agencies now have. They can simply say they briefed someone, and it automatically does damage to that candidate. And of course, no evidence is ever asked for or demanded, because the intelligence agencies are allowed to protect “sources and methods”. This little loophole is being exploited so that now they can claim anything they like, feed it to the media, and never have to back it up.

The intelligence agencies have always played this little game, but mostly it was in regards to foreign conflicts they wanted to get involved in. But now, they are using those same tactics to create a type of propaganda in their own country. It’s a dangerous escalation and show of their power, and one that must be called out and exposed.