An interesting theory on why Trump’s lawyers didn’t file for a federal injunction to pause the vote counting on election night.

Tyler S. Farley

Although a lot has happened since November 3rd, if you can remember back to the night of the 2020 election something strange happened that had a lot of observers scratching their heads, including myself.

As the votes were being tallied late into the night on Tuesday and into Wednesday morning, Trump decided to make an official announcement regarding the election.

During that appearance, he made a statement that at the time seemed to be nothing but a random musing, however it turned out to predict exactly what happened in the days that followed.

Trump said that the vote counting should stop for the day and resume during normal hours. He stated that he didn’t want a batch of votes to show up “at 3 in the morning” while nobody was paying attention.

Of course now we know how prescient that statement was as that’s exactly what happened in Wisconsin and other states as huge vote spikes occurred for Biden between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m.

So this brings up the question, if Trump and his team knew this might happen, why didn’t they file an injunction to pause the vote counting?

For those unaware, federal judges are on-call on election night should anything happen. Such a filing for an injunction could have been handled in less than an hour as the paperwork was faxed around and signed. At the time it made no sense that Trump’s team wouldn’t have done this.

The day after the election, Steve Bannon even posed the same question to Rudy Giuliani during his War Room podcast, asking him why an injunction was not filed. At the time, Giuliani simply stated that he had no answer for that, which seemed a bit odd that he didn’t have a reason for the decision. The most likely explanation now for Giuliani’s response is that he didn’t want to give the reasoning as it might reveal a deeper strategy.

So now as we move away from the election night and more evidence starts to slowly come out, it’s possible Trump’s move wasn’t an oversight at all and instead a calculated move.

Considering Trump had predicted this election would be the biggest fraud in history, even as far back as June, it stands to reason he would have been planning a way to catch such a fraud and protect his presidency.

It’s my guess he intentionally allowed the vote counting to continue because he already had options in place to document and catch the illegal vote counting. The only way for him to get the evidence he needed was to allow the vote counting to go on into the night. His team possibly had inside knowledge that was the time the vote rigging would happen.

If all this sounds a little too much like 4D chess, it’s probably because Trump has done this before. I won’t go into the full details here, but when his campaign was being spied on in 2016, Trump was aware of it early on and he placed honey traps that operatives would bite on. This is how Trump managed to outsmart a widespread effort by the CIA, the FBI, and British intelligence to impeach him on false evidence. The fact is, he knew right when the spying began, and made moves accordingly to let it play out so the evidence would be in his favor when it all came out. If you go back in hindsight, it’s quite obvious to see this is exactly how things played out.

I suspect a similar thing is playing out with the election. Trump clearly knew what was coming, and the fact that he didn’t file an injunction on election night suggests he wanted the rigging to take place so he could capture it in action. If he used legal means to stop voting counting, he wouldn’t have the evidence and would instead need to depend on basic recounts, which would still count the illegal votes anyway.

So when it is all said and done it may very well turn out that this was the only way Trump would have any chance at beating this massive fraud. It’s a much longer and difficult route, but it’s the only route that would lead to success.

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