Where are all the Russian misinformation sites I keep hearing about? If they tricked 100 million people into not getting vaccinated, they should be everywhere.

Tyler S. Farley

I’m sure you have heard it everywhere. Russian “misinformation agents” are tricking Americans into not trusting their own government or the vaccine.

When it comes to not trusting the government, U.S. politicians do a pretty good job accomplishing that feat on their own. No foreign agents are needed to convince Americans that their politicians are liars.

But when it comes to things like vaccines, lockdown protests, or the Freedom Convoy in Canada, the media still insists that most of it is fueled by Russian misinformation.

But there’s one tiny (huge) problem with that theory. Where are all the sites?

We’re not talking about a few hundred or even a few thousand people. We are talking about 100 million people in America alone. Not to even mention the hundreds of thousands of lockdown and vaccine passport protestors that have lined the streets in European cities for months.

If all these people were under the spell of Russian misinformation, where are the sites they’re all reading? With those kinds of numbers, these so-called “troll farm” websites should be in the top 10, or at least the top 100 of all visited websites.

If the theory of Russian misinformation is correct, that means people must receive a constant dose of this misinformation to stay fooled. They can’t simply read one article then take to the streets and protest for months on end. So with that being said, these “Russian misinformation” websites should have huge repeat business.

But that’s exactly the problem. The websites hardly exist at all. Other than a few poorly worded Facebook posts here and there, proponents of this theory can’t point to any substantial Russian-built website that is heavily trafficked, or even exists at all.

Not to mention the sheer absurdity of the claim. If a couple of simple websites could fool 100 million people, you can bet our government would be the first to start publishing them. There’s a reason we have a huge corporate-owned media apparatus in this country that parrots the establishment talking points. It’s because that’s what is needed to fool just a small portion of the country. It takes full control of TV, print, and social media to run a propaganda campaign. If all it took was some hastily crafted websites with broken English, they would be doing it already and ditch the likes of CNN and The New York Times.

Truth is, you probably already knew all this. But the the next time someone tells you that calls to protect your own freedoms are just Russian misinformation, ask them specifically where all these Russian sites actually are. They won’t be able to point to a single one.

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