Biden’s ridiculous January 6th speech only shows how much Democrats still fear Trump and his supporters as a political movement.

Tyler S. Farley

The problem with attacking those you disagree with is that it often exposes what you’re truly afraid of.

We’ve seen this play out plenty of times over the last few years. Whether it be big-tech trying to silence those who are posting the truth or doctors questioning the pandemic response and then having their licenses revoked.

But it couldn’t have been more clear today as Joe Biden made a Hail-Mary attempt to salvage his dying presidency by delivering a ridiculous speech on the anniversary or January 6th.

Can anyone remember any president holding a special event just to attack the previous president? It’s completely unprecedented and it exposed the true fear which Democrats have for Trump and his supporters.

There’s really no other explanation for it. First of all, the entire narrative the media has built around January 6th is unraveling everyday. Even mainstream outlets are starting to question why there were so many federal agents seemingly involved. It suggests the FBI knew a lot about what was going on, and even directed much of the action on that day.

So simply based on that, you would think they wouldn’t want to bring it up unless it was in the very controlled environment of their phony Congressional hearings.

But they still decided to go through with the speech, which shows how desperate they are and how much they see a tidal wave coming in the mid-term elections this year.

They know the Trump movement is stronger than ever, and his supporters are more motivated than ever.

Still angry over the stolen 2020 election, Trump supporters are more focused than before, and Democrats are desperate to try to crush their movement once and for all.

But it’s not working. Things are being exposed, both on election fraud and with new evidence coming out about January 6th.

In fact, the events of January 6th look like they are about to play out exactly as the Russia hoax did. A year or two of breathless and fake coverage by the media, only to have it all implode when it turns out the feds were behind the whole thing.

Yes, the narrative on January 6th will be exposed as just more “fake news”, the same way the Russia hoax died.

So in a way, Biden’s speech was actually a good sign for Trump supporters and Republican voters in general. Democrats showed they fear them in the upcoming elections and have no real options to offer the American people other than phony narratives and scare tactics regarding an “insurrection”.


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