Lockdowns and curfews will return, but this time it will be for the surge in crime and violence.

Tyler S. Farley

The Fed finally increased interest rates this week in a move that was shocking only because it took so long. But when it comes to inflation, anything the Fed does will take over a year to have any meaningful impact. Combine that with the fact that inflation is accelerating according to every metric we have, things are going to get much worse as the summer progresses.

We’ve already seen crime skyrocket in every major city in America. It’s so bad many people living in urban areas don’t even need the news to tell them that. They can simply go outside, or worse, have been a victim themselves.

But as gas approaches $7-$10 a gallon, and food goes up another 10% or more, how much longer will things hold together?

It’s very possible in the near future that crime and violence may become so bad that the only solution put forward will be more lockdowns and even curfews.

Chicago was recently forced to implement a curfew on minors after several shootings and mob gatherings in usually safe tourist areas.

During spring break this year in Florida, a state of emergency was declared so they could implement a curfew to deal with the shootings, fights, and violence that were taking place.

These are precursors. They are testing the waters. They’ve already used lockdowns and curfews as an excuse to fight a pandemic, now they are already being used to fight crime and violence.

Just like the pandemic lockdowns, most people will endorse and follow them when they are used to fight crime. They will claim it’s for the safety of all people until the violence blows over and things return to normal.

Two weeks to flatten the curve. Two weeks to calm the violence.

But this time, if you push back against these lockdowns, you will be labeled a violent criminal, or aiding violent criminals. Disobeying these lockdowns will land you in jail immediately.

It will be the mask and lockdown debate all over again, but this time with much harsher consequences for those who push back. The elites that control the media and lines of communication will of course be exempt from these rules. They’ll travel freely, but they’ll fully endorse the lockdowns as it will keep them safer. So there will be a full court press on promoting the lockdowns to fight crime, it will make the pandemic propaganda look like child’s play.

So get ready. JP Morgan is already saying the national average for gas prices will exceed $6 in the near future. That means a majority of America will be paying $8 or more in populated urban areas. This will be enough to cause most people who live paycheck-to-paycheck to no longer be able to pay their bills or go to work.

When that happens, urban areas are going to start to unravel very quickly. There will be no hope and no solutions on the table, and people will simply do whatever they need to do to survive from day to day.

This is when the lockdown talk will begin, and history will repeat itself, just 2 years after the first lockdowns.

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